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If you are part of an outreach group, you are out in communities every day providing services to populations that would otherwise go without. Most outreach groups are non-profit organizations without government or corporate assistance. Resources are divided between providing for the community and raising awareness of the work you are doing to motivate others to help. Promotional products give you the advantage of combining helpful tools with advertising for your cause.
During your next fundraising campaign consider a giveaway with donation. A bit of up front expense can spur donors to give more, and when they use their gift they are spreading your message for you. Increase the number of conversation you can have about your work by turning your donors into ambassadors. The expense doesn't have to be great, simple things like custom bumper stickers and promotional buttons give a great return on your investment. Offering imprinted travel mugs or custom tote bags to larger donors can ensure they keep and use the gift for years and give you thousands of impressions.
Don't stop with donors, consider customizing products for your staff and the community you're helping. Make sure everyone recognizes your team with logo t-shirts and custom lanyards. If you are distributing health and wellness, or personal care items, those can also be branded, ensuring others know how to find you if they need help. Let Inkhead help you on your mission to help others.
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