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Celebrate Hardworking RNs with National Nurses Week Gifts

Any day is a good day to show appreciation for all the work nurses in your community do everyday. The United States celebrates National Nurses Week every year beginning on May 6th (National Nurses Day) and ending on May 12th (Florence Nightingale's Birthday).

Showing Appreciation Starts with a Savvy Personalized Gift Strategy

Nurses get to see most of us at our worst and it is their job to treat us with care and respect. InkHead can help you express your gratitude with products, gifts, and keepsakes that show your nursing staff just how much they mean to you.

Help nurses with products that assist them in their job, or help to comfort and streamline their off-duty time. InkHead has icepacks to soothe aching backs, lunch coolers to help keep them nourished and stationary supplies to help them stay organized. Promote a sense of camaraderie with matching fleece jackets to keep them warm, or uplifting words of praise printed on lanyards for their badges.

Think outside the "hospital" theme when looking at recognition gifts. InkHead has lots of funny themed stress relievers and writing implements, but nurses are also people outside their job. Consider things they can use in their home life as well and they will know they are valued for who they are as well as what they do.

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