Water Bottles

Does InkHead carry drinkware made from BPA-free plastic?

Yes, InkHead carries several types of custom BPA-free plastic drinkware. Learn more about buying BPA-free plastic water bottles and stadium cups. Read More »

What is the difference between location and full-wrap imprints?

Location imprints are printed in a specific location on the product being decorated. Full-wrap imprints, on the other hand, are those that wrap completely around the product. Read More »

Do you offer free rush service for water bottles?

Yes. We offer free rush service for several of our personalized water bottles. To determine which bottles qualify for the service, use the Free Rush Production filter found in the the left-hand navigation. Read More »

Can I get a full-color imprint on an aluminum or stainless steel water bottle?

We do carry a few custom water bottles that can accept a full-color imprint. To find these bottles, use the Full Color Available filter during your search. Read More »

Do you have any custom water bottles made in the USA?

Yes, we offer several water bottles made in the United States. Consult the product description to determine whether the bottle you’re viewing was made domestically or overseas. You can use the Made In product filter on the left-hand product navigation to find water bottles made in the USA. American-made water bottles also feature an American flag icon on the product results page, making it easier for you to identify which items were made in the USA.

Read More »

Are your promotional water bottles BPA-free?

Yes, we offer several promotional water bottles made from BPA-free plastic. Use the Material filter in the left-hand product navigation to view which water bottles are BPA-free.

Are your water bottles dishwasher-safe?

This varies by the customized water bottle, so refer to the item description to determine whether the bottle you’re looking at is dishwasher-safe. Use the Durability filter on the left-hand product navigation to view only the water bottles that are dishwasher-safe. Read More »

Are your imprinted water bottles lead-free?

Yes, all of our water bottles are lead-free. Read More »

What is a resin identification code?

The resin identification code (what appears to be the recycling symbol with a number in the middle) appearing on your plastic bottles refers to the type of plastic used in the bottle. Read More »

About Promotional Plastic Water Bottles and Safety

A must-read from Inkhead.com on the different types of plastics used in promotional water bottles, including which ones are safe for repeat use and which ones aren’t. Read More »

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