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Posted July 29, 2010

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There’s nothing more common than seeing them on an office desk, in a gym bag, or in an auto cup-holder. The life-giving properties of water have made it a literal health phenomenon—and water bottles offer a unique canvas just waiting for your business logo and slogan; however, there are some important things to remember when buying promotional water bottles.

Why Buy Promotional Water Bottles?

Water bottles are one of the most versatile promotional items thanks to their broad appeal. Custom water bottles are appropriate and appreciated gifts at nearly any event, at any time of year, and to anybody.

In addition to creating impressions for your brand, water bottles also help the environment by discouraging people from drinking bottled water, soda, or some other packaged beverage. Did you know that that bottled water can cost up to 10,000 times more than tap water? Thanks to bottling, packaging, and distribution costs, bottled water is much more expensive than it may first seem—and there are no proven health benefits to it over tap water.

Water bottles are also effective wellness incentives, both encouraging healthy behavior and rewarding it. Give them away to kick off a new water-drinking initiative in the office, or hand them out after a corporate fun-run to participants. However you choose to use your water bottles, recipients will appreciate the gift, and your brand will gain additional exposure!

Types of Water Bottles

With the array of options available, how do you determine which type of reusable water bottle is right for you? Before you buy, let InkHead fill you in on the differences between the most popular options on the market today. While choosing what kind of reusable water bottle is right for you, consider safety, durability, and style.

BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottles

Although there is disagreement among researchers about the potential negative side effects of BPA (Bisphenol-A), a synthetic hormone that is a component in some plastics, many reusable water bottle manufacturers have begun making bottles that that no longer include this hormone. If you or your recipients may have concerns over the safety of plastic water bottles, order bottles made from BPA-free plastic.

Polycarbonate Water Bottles

Polycarbonate is the plastic used to make many reusable water bottles (like the popular Nalgene brand). The plastic is ideal because it is durable, light weight, and resistant to stains and odors. These bottles come in a variety of translucent colors, and are popular for sports use.

Aluminum Water Bottles

Aluminum water bottles are durable, lighter than stainless steel, and keep liquids cold longer than polycarbonate bottles. These bottles have a plastic or resin liner to prevent the metal from leaching into the water. These liners are known for being durable, but they may need replacement after years of use.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Stainless steel water bottles are considered safe since stainless steel is a neutral metal that doesn’t leach. They are durable, but have less style options and are slightly heavier than aluminum bottles. These bottles are relatively indestructible, and are an ideal choice for many reusable bottle buyers since they pose no risk of metal contamination and are cheaper than aluminum.

PET Water Bottles

Bottled water is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, and is not made to be reused, though many people do refill and use them again. These bottles do not stand up to washing and some studies have shown that with repeat use, these bottles may even leach chemicals into the water.

Be sure to read the manufacturer’s manual to determine whether your bottle is dishwasher safe, and remember that proper care will extend the life of your reusable water bottle.

Ways to Use Water Bottles

There are countless ways to use custom water bottles in your company marketing and advertising campaigns, but here are some of the most popular ways we have seen our customers employ the water bottles they have purchased from us.

Things to Consider When Buying Water Bottles

At Team InkHead, we’re particularly proud of our robust selection of custom water bottles. Here are some key aspects of our personalized water bottles that you should keep in mind as you shop.

  • Type: We have bottles that fit just about any situation. Our bike bottles are perfect for your customers who travel the Earth on two wheels. We have bottles with a wide range of tops–pop tops for the sports enthusiast, screw tops that prevent leakage and straw tops for kids.
  • Material: Perhaps the most critical feature of the promotional water bottles you choose. Our thermal wholesale water bottles keep hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool. From stainless steel to traditional plastic, we have bottle linings that suit just about every purpose.
  • Brand: As it goes with all of our promotional items, we carry an impressive collection of brand name personalized water bottles that convey a sense of class. Choose from CamelBak bottles, Wenger, and other popular brands.
  • Lids: There are many different styles of water bottle lid, and how you intend for recipients to use the bottle will dictate which one works best. Push-pull tops. bite valve, and straw-top lids are ideal for active recipients who need to be able to drink on the go. Screw-top lids are better for office workers and commuters who will use the water bottle at their desk or on the way to work.
  • Carabiners:  Carabiners allow recipients to clip the water bottle to a bag or a belt loop, which can really come in handy sometimes.
  • Gift Boxes: Some of our water bottles come individually gift boxed. If this is a service you require, be sure to consult the item description or check with your account manager to see if it’s available for your your item.
  • Production Time: Most water bottles can be made with in 3-5 business days. If you’re in a time crunch, start your search by looking at our free 24 hr production water bottles.
  • Quantity: The minimum quantities for water bottles range from 12 pieces to 300 pieces. Some items may be available at less than minimum quantities with the payment of a less-than-minimum fee. Inquire with a salesperson to find out whether this is available for your item.
  • Capacity: Looking for a specific size? Use the Oz Capacity filter to locate water bottles of a certain volume. We even have some water bottles designed specifically for children.
  • Country of Manufacture: Concerned about ordering items made overseas? InkHead has several made in the USA water bottles to choose from, too.

Other Resources on Buying Custom Water Bottles

Ready to order some custom water bottles? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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