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Posted July 29, 2010

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Why Buy Custom Tote Bags?

Few promotional products carry the marketing power of Custom Tote Bags. Increased environmental awareness in recent years has pushed reusable bags into the spotlight. Once relegated to the natural food store crowd, these promotional powerhouses are on the verge of becoming the norm for everyone. California is even considering a state-wide ban on plastic bags in grocery stores, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see other states follow suit and institute bans or taxes on plastic bags in the near future. And if consumers will need to carry a reusable bag, why shouldn’t it be one that displays your logo?

Need more evidence that promotional totes are right for your business? Consider the following:

  • In a recent study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), customers who received a promotional tote bag used that bag an average of 9 times a month. That means visibility for your logo in a variety of locations.
  • In that same study, each bag averaged 1,038 impressions per month!
  • Reusable bags send a positive message to your customers and prospects by aligning your brand with environmental awareness.
  • Imprinted tote bags can be tied into almost any promotion or event—they’ve even gained popularity as wedding and party favors!

Who Can Use Tote Bags

Because promotional tote bags are so ubiquitous, they are among the most in-demand promotional items your money can buy. Let’s take a look at some of the most common buyers of tote bags.

  • Schools: Schools love to give away tote bags to the student body, teachers, and faculty.
  • Corporate Businesses: There are too many ways white-collar businesses use tote bags to list. Trade show giveaways, company picnic gifts, corporate events are just a few of the most popular ways our clients have used tote bags.
  • Grocery Stores: With plastic bag bans popping up in cities and counties across the country, reusable tote bags are a smart choice for stores to give away or to sell to customers.
  • Hotels: Sometimes, guests leave with more items than which they came. Help them out by offering a high quality tote bag that will last them longer than the trip home.
  • Healthcare: Tote bags are one of our most popular items for Nurse Appreciation Week!
  • Private Event Coordinators: Need gift bags for your event? Think about tote bags instead of a paper or plastic bags to set your event apart from the rest.

Where to Use Tote Bags

Since tote bags are one of the most versatile promotional items you can buy, there are few places where they are not appropriate. Read below to see some of the most popular places people use tote bags.

  • College Fairs: Give students a tote bag complete with pamphlets and other important information about your school. Not only will they be able to carry home all the pertinent data, they’ll also have an item to remind them of your school for year to come.
  • New Employee Welcome: Make sure your new hires feel at home with a tote bag full of goodies and other promotional items to welcome them aboard!
  • Trade Shows: Heading to a conference? Make sure your booth has a tradeshow giveaway that people can actually use!
  • Festivals: Heading to an outdoor festival this spring or summer? Encourage attendees to stop by your booth and get your brand seen by everyone at the event.

Tote Bag Materials

There are a variety of materials and styles to choose from when selecting a reusable bag. Before you decide to buy, let’s examine some of the more popular options.

  • Promotional Polypropylene BagsPolypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that is made into a non-woven “fabric” frequently used in promotional bags. Polypropylene bags are usually at least partially made from recycled materials. They are durable and strong enough for repeated reuse, and many styles can be recycled where facilities exist. Many styles offered by InkHead can accommodate a four color process imprint, which makes them ideal for complex logos. Some polypropylene bags are laminated, which makes them more water resistant and wipeable. Most of the eco-friendly totes offered for sale in grocery stores are polypropylene bags. They’re also popular for conventions and trade shows.
  • Custom Cotton/Canvas BagsCotton and canvas totes are popular due to their durability and higher perceived value. These fabrics are also washable, which adds to their appeal as shopping totes. Organic cotton bags are available to support environmental marketing campaigns. There are a number of fashionable styles available, so cotton bags are great for special events. Cotton bags are frequently chosen as wedding favors and convention totes.
  • Custom Jute BagsJute is quickly gaining popularity as a promotional bag material. Jute is a natural vegetable fiber, so it’s a great option for eco-friendly promotions. Jute is not only strong and durable, but also biodegradable! Jute bags are a stylish choice for special events and retail use.
  • Recycled PET BagsPET (polyethylene terepthalate) is a thermo plastic material that is frequently used for food and drink packaging. Bottles made from PET plastics can be recycled and converted into fibers used to create a variety of products. Bags made from PET are extremely durable and are a great example of turning trash into treasure!

Things to Consider When Buying Tote Bags

At Team InkHead, we’re proud of our selection of personalized tote bags. Here are some key aspects of buying custom tote bags that you should keep in mind as you shop.

  • Intended Use: A crucial item to consider is how your recipients will be using the tote bags. Are they going to be on a show floor? Are you sending the item as part of a client gift? How you anticipate your recipients will use your tote bags will dictate which one you should buy.
  • Samples: Because there are so many tote bags in our catalog, we encourage you to request a sample before making your purchase. That way, you can test the bag you’re considering to determine whether it will meet your needs.
  • Quantity: Minimum quantities range from as little as 3 pieces for our high-end retail tote bags to as many as 300 pieces for our ultra-value items. Some items may be available at less than minimum quantities with the payment of a less-than-minimum fee. Inquire with a salesperson to find out whether this is available for your item.
  • Production Time: Most tote bags in the InkHead catalog can be printed and ready to ship within 3-5 business days. If you’re in a time crunch, start your search by looking at our free 24 hr production tote bags.
  • Material: As we’ve discussed, we carry tote bags in a range of materials and at numerous price points.
  • Size: How you intend on your recipients using the bags will dictate which size you choose. Go with a larger tote bag if you’re planning for recipients to use the tote bag as a reusable grocery sack. Go with one of our smaller options if you’re handing the tote bags out as giveaway bags at events and trade shows.

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