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Posted April 2, 2015

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Why Buy Promotional Stress Balls?

Few promotional items have the eye-catching impact, widespread use, or sheer number of possibilities of promotional stress balls. Many people call them “stress relievers,” since a ball is only one of the many shapes available, but we’re traditionalists here at InkHead, so we’ll refer to them as “stress balls” no matter what the shape they may take.

Stress balls, made by injecting closed-cell liquid polyurethane into a mold and letting it foam up, are as common to desks and cubicles as pens and staplers. Not only are they good for relieving stress, but they’ve even been touted as an excellent tool for countering the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome (though we recommend medical attention if you’re feeling the effects of carpel tunnel), as well as a great way to exercise the hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms for golfing or guitar-playing.

Most importantly, custom stress balls carry terrific promotional impact, because they combine fun representational shapes with versatile imprint areas. And because they become standard pieces of desk equipment, you can be sure that your brand gets seen often. Brand loyalty and new customers go a long way toward relieving stress!

Promotional Stress Ball Categories

Because liquid polyurethane is such a malleable substance to work with, the number of possible stress ball shapes is huge. To help narrow down your search, we’ve divided our substantial inventory into categories:

Animal & Nature Stress Balls

Promotional stress balls shaped like animals, plants, or other features of nature are terrific for advertising literally—a dog shape for a vet, a groomer, or a canine rescue shelter; a cow for a dairy farm—but also for making your point metaphorically. An investment firm might want to advertise with a bull-shaped stress ball, but we wouldn’t recommend a bear. An elephant will tell your customers not to forget you, while a polar bear reminds environmentalists not to forget them. And never underestimate the symbolic power of a stress ball in the shape of a rock.

Educational & Healthcare Stress Balls

Custom stress balls are very popular in healthcare professionals’ offices. Dental and orthodontic offices are fond of promotional stress balls shaped like a tooth, for example, while our heart-shaped stress balls (in both symbolic and anatomically correct versions) are preferred by cardiologists. Pediatricians like stress balls in the form of friendly doctor bears, and ambulance services can choose from several emergency-vehicle shapes. Also in this category is a variety of stress balls for educators—books, pencils, school buses—and both fields have an interest in our popular brain-shaped stress balls.

Sport & Outdoor Stress Balls

Sponsors of school or local sports teams, sporting-goods stores, sports-medicine clinics, or any business that carries a strong identification with sports will find a great promotional opportunity with our selection of custom stress balls, stress footballs, stress hockey pucks, and more. Also to be found in this category are our promotional kickballs, or hackey sacks—because sometimes a good game of hackey sack in the middle of the afternoon can take the edge off even the most stressful business day!

Construction & Building Stress Balls

InkHead offers a number of promotional stress balls for the construction and building trade, an industry where stress is high and competition is fierce. You can give your company an edge with custom themed stress balls in the shapes of houses, tools, bricks, heavy equipment, safety barrels, and lightbulbs (for bright ideas). Whether your trade is construction, contracting, carpentry, plumbing, wiring, or painting, we have memorable promotional stress balls guaranteed to make an impression on potential customers.

Earth & Space Stress Balls

If your business has a global reach, or your cause has a global impact, what better promotional item than the Earth itself? This category includes a number of custom stress balls based on everyone’s favorite planet, ideal for spreading the word about your company or organization and its worldwide scope. Also in this category are stress balls in the shape of stars, perhaps to let your customers know how far your company’s ambitions extend, and the sun, a great symbol for anyone working in alternative energy or travel. The sky’s no longer the limit with these promotional items.

Financial Stress Balls

The financial industry may well be the reason the stress ball was invented in the first place, so money-themed stress balls are a natural promotional item for banks, investment firms, financial consultants, and anyone else involved in the movement of money from here to there and back again. This category includes custom stress balls in the shape of piggy banks, hundred- and million-dollar bills, money bags, diamonds, and credit cards. When your clients or potential clients are feeling the squeeze of the market, you can give them something to squeeze back.

Food Stress Balls

Food, food, food… who isn’t a part of the food business? From the family farm to agricultural conglomerates, from five-star restaurants to the local diner, from grocery stores and community cooperatives to the kitchen table, the business of growing, processing, selling, and preparing food means a lot of competition. Whatever your part in the food chain, whether for-profit or nonprofit, you can make an impact with promotional stress balls in a wide variety of shapes—fruits and vegetables, burgers and fries, coffee and doughnuts, wine and cheese…

Holiday & Charity Stress Balls

This category contains a number of promotional stress balls appropriate for holiday campaigns, as well a stress relievers suitable for use in non-profit charity promotions. What’s the connection? Both purposes are about giving from the heart, something we can all agree with. Here you’ll find promotional stress balls shaped like hearts and awareness ribbons for year-round reminders of the good work we can all do when our minds and hearts are open, and holiday stress balls in Christmas tree and snowman shapes, as well as our jolly friend to the right.

Key Chain Sress Balls

Traffic. Bills. Soccer practices and ballet classes. The office is not the only place we experience stress. As your customers make their way through their complicated day, they’ll thank you for the gift of a handy promotional stress ball to give a good hard squeeze whenever stress rears its ugly head. And you’ll be glad for a promotional item that carries your brand or logo wherever your customers go. Our selection of custom key chain stress balls has items appropriate for just about any field, including key-chain versions of some of our most popular stress balls.

Music Stress Balls

As the poet William Congreve put it, “Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast” (not “Beast,” just so you know). So does a good squeezy stress ball. Putting the two together is therefore a no-brainer. Our selection of promotional music stress balls includes guitars, horns, and musical notes, all of which look great on a desk top. These stress balls make ideal promotional items for music stores, orchestra fundraisers, charity concerts, and band promotions.

Patriotic & State Stress Balls

We’ve heard customers say they like the idea of squeezing the U. S. Capitol for a change, instead of the other way around. We don’t want to get into all of that, but we will say that our selection of promotional patriotic stress balls is pretty spectacular. Flags, stars, and stress relievers in the shape of any state in the union, we have custom stress balls that go perfectly with political campaigns, awareness campaigns for state and local agencies, patriotic holiday promotions, or just for showing your customers you have that grand old spirit.

Public Service & Government Stress Balls

Local police and fire departments like to use our selection of promotional public service stress balls in policeman, police car, fire helmet, and fire truck shapes to imprint with their local numbers or 911 information as giveaways in schools. This category also includes stress balls shaped like city buses, school buses, subway trains, taxis, and ambulances, all of which provide ample imprint areas for promoting those services. We also have stress balls suitable for support-our-troops campaigns.

Smiley Face Stress Balls

Since the 1970s, few icons have had as much visibility as the “Have A Nice Day” smiley face, and no icon has had as many variations. The smiley face is a powerful symbol of happiness and goodwill, and it makes a great promotional stress ball. We have a large selection of stress balls in the shapes of firemen, hard-hats, hockey pucks, stick figures, apples and pumpkins, you name it… every one with a smile on its face and waiting for your logo.

Stick Figure & Animated Stress Balls

While we’re on the subject of promotional stress balls that will make your customers smile, check out our selection of novelty stress balls, stick figure stress balls with cute arms and legs to stand up on a desk top, and even some stress balls that wobble or walk down walls. These attention-grabbers will provide a lot of exposure for your logo or message and demonstrate that your business or cause has a playful side. You can never overestimate the power of a smile in crafting a powerful promotion.

Technology Stress Balls

As an Internet company, we appreciate as much as anyone the value of stress relief in the technology field. Running an e-commerce business is hard work, and our hearts go out to everyone out there writing code, monitoring the market, juggling emails, and suffering Blackberry cramp. Our promotional technology stress balls are a great gift for employees and customers in the tech business, allowing you to pass along a break from stress with your logo displayed boldly. This category also includes a number of desktop cell phone caddies, which make a terrific and useful promotional gift.

Toy & Yo-Yo Stress Balls

The best promotional product is one that your end-user can’t stop end-using. The more he or she employs it, the greater the number of impressions your brand makes, which is why toys are ideal promotional items. Our promotional toy stress balls are guaranteed to make an impact (though in the case of our yo-yos, we hope it’s just a promotional impact). In addition to the fun stress balls and stress-ball yo-yos in this category one will find our selection of customized slinkys, another stress-relieving toy we all remember from childhood and which never gets old. Whatever your customer base may be, you usually can’t go wrong appealing to the kid in all of us with these items.

Transportation Stress Balls

In this category we have planes, trains, and automobiles… not to mention trucks, ships, motorcycles, and even blimps and submarines. Our promotional transportation stress balls make a terrific giveaway for trucking companies, shipping companies, delivery services, car dealerships, rental agencies, travel agencies, and anyone else in the business of moving people or materials from one place to another. Vehicle stress balls also come with flat planes and relatively large imprint areas to give your logo the visibility it deserves.

How to Buy Promotional Stress Balls


The most important thing to consider when choosing promotional stress balls for your clients or employees is how it’s going to look on a desk top. As we say often, a promotional item that sits in a drawer isn’t doing its job for you, so in order to maintain the kind of visibility and get the number of impressions you want, your promotional stress ball should be something your customer wants out in the open. Are you targeting educators of younger kids? Then whimsical and playful are the way to go. Cubicle workers? We love toys and distractions. Perhaps your client base is more executive but could still benefit from some stress relief. Several stress balls in all categories are suitable for inclusion in a subdued decor (we recommend the music stress balls).


Another consideration should be the order quantity. Promotional stress balls are relatively inexpensive, with an outstanding ROI, but the nature of manufacturing and imprinting three-dimensional items with multiple imprint areas and often intricate molding requires a minimum quantity of anywhere from 125 to 1000, depending on the item. This in turn means that the minimum costs of ordering promotional stress balls often takes customers off-guard. Stress balls are a very effective item, but you’ll want to make sure your campaign (and your campaign budget) will support at least 125 stress balls for giveaway.

Ready to order some promotional stress balls? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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