Knit Hats Buying Guide

Posted April 2, 2015

Knit Hats Buying Guide

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Why Buy Promotional Knit Hats?

When planning the next promotional event for your company, be sure to think about buying promotional knit hats because no matter what the calendar may say, depending on where one lives in the world, winter can last from three months to all year round. Even when it’s not freezing, chilly weather calls for a good, dependable hat to keep oneself warm. As our mothers always told us, most of our body heat is lost from the tops of our heads, which makes a knit hat an indispensable part of everyone’s cold-weather wardrobe. And that makes promotional knit hats an excellent item for marketing your brand.

While most people have a variety of cool-weather jackets and hats in their wardrobes, most people have one set of gear they use again and again during the coldest months. One heavy coat, one pair of gloves, one scarf, and one knit hat. That means that if the knit hat is one that you provide your customers, you can count on generating many impressions for your company or organization every time that hat is pulled from a pocket or bag.

Here is a guide to the knit hats we offer at InkHead. Our hats are all 100% acrylic knit. Acrylic allows for a tight knit that traps body heat, while the properties of the fabric wick water and moisture away, helping to keep one’s head dry in inclement conditions. All of our knit hats take embroidery as the imprint method.

Styles of Promotional Knit Hats

Beanie Style

The beanie style of knit hat is either a rounded cap that fits closely against the head or a longer cap with a crossed seam on the crown that allows the crown to fall back and gives some air circulation between the hat and the wearer’s head. The rim of the beanie hat is worn unrolled and allows for a large imprint area across the forehead. Often the rim has a different complementary color or stripe.

Cuffed Beanie Style

The cuffed beanie has a rolled bottom that allows for greater adjustment of how the hat will fit but provides a somewhat more limited imprint area on the cuff.

Billed Knit Cap

This variety of hat has a bill to keep weather off the wearer’s face. It’s also popularly known as a “Radar cap” after the one worn by the character Radar O’Reilly on the TV show M*A*S*H. It looks somewhat unwieldy but wears very comfortably and provides a large embroidery area.

How to Buy Promotional Knit Hats

The biggest consideration when deciding on promotional knit hats is the embroidery. The setup price for digitizing and embroidering these hats includes up to 8000 stitches and 7 colors. If your logo requires more elements that these there will be additional setup charges. Customers are often surprised by the setup costs for embroidery, so be sure to go through our online apparel customizing system or consult one of our Promotions Specialists to get a complete price breakdown before ordering.

Also, it is important to remember that embroidery takes a set amount of time, so allow at least a few days for production on embroidered items when placing your order.

Ready to order some promotional knit hats? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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