Jackets Buying Guide

Posted April 2, 2015

Jackets Buying Guide

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Why Buy Promotional Jackets?

Promotional apparel is one of the most effective tools for marketing a brand, company, or organization, or for outfitting your employees or volunteers in unified fashion. While we traditionally think of T-shirts or polo shirts as the way to go when looking to generate impressions, for at least six months out of the year an equally powerful apparel option are promotional jackets. Depending on where your home base is, jackets come out of the closet as early as September and stay out until April. And if your employees or customers work in jobs that require exposure to cold storage — delivery drivers, grocers, restaurant workers, refrigeration installation and repair — the jacket stays close to hand all year round.

Another advantage to promotional jackets is that they tend to get more or less constant use in the cool- and cold-weather months. While we change clothes every day, most people will wear the same jacket over and over again, hanging it on a coat hook to grab and go. This means that in many cases your organization or brand will get impressions every time your end-users leave the house or office, wherever they go.

This guide to promotional jackets will help you navigate the many options available to you from InkHead, with some tips for selecting the right jacket for your promotional or uniform needs. To make this a bit easier we’ll just be dealing with traditional-form jackets here. Promotional pullovers and hoodies have their own Buying Guides elsewhere in this section.

Types of Promotional Jackets


The preferred jacket for cool-but-not-cold weather and damp-but-not-wet days accompanied by wind, the windbreaker is a perennial favorite because its lightweight construction makes it uncumbersome to wear and easy to carry and store. Usually made of nylon, windbreakers also come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to match the jacket with the rest of a uniform or for use as high-visibility outerwear in dark or inclement conditions (a brightly colored windbreaker is standard equipment for emergency workers and safety technicians). Finally, windbreakers are relatively inexpensive, making them ideal for school athletic teams and staff and employees in the public sector.

Three-Season Jackets

These jackets are designed for colder weather and integrate the protection of a cool-weather jacket with the insulating properties of a fleece. A water-resistant nylon or PVC shell keeps damp weather out while a microfleece lining and/or sandwiched microfill insulation keeps body heat in, all without excessive weight or bulk. When worn over layers, these jackets will be ample proof against even harsh winter weather. Best of all, most of these jackets are suitable to wear with business attire as a stylish alternative to a sportcoat when work takes your employees outdoors.


The popularity of the fleece jacket has grown exponentially in the last few years, and it’s little wonder. Microfleece is incredibly warm and soft in a way that pleases the skin, both to wear and to touch. It is the jacket of choice for hikers and is ubiquitous on high-school and college campuses everywhere, which makes it an ideal jacket for student athletics and clubs, for use as official outerwear for school uniforms. Moreover, microfleece jackets come in all colors, with the brighter colors standing out dramatically, so as a promotional item it will get noticed. The only downside to microfleece is that with the softness of the fabric comes water-absorbency — these jackets are not recommended for wet weather, although with a windbreaker pulled over it, the results can be quite comfortable.

Fleece Track Jacket

Special mention should be made of this jacket, as it is our most popular category item but doesn’t fit in with the other types of jacket we offer. Reminiscent of the tracksuit jackets popular in the 1970s, this combed cotton jacket is great for easy grab-and-go and will grab attention. This would be another attractive option for sports and cheerleading squads, but will get worn (and seen) a lot no matter what your organization.

How to Buy Promotional Jackets

As with all promotional apparel, it’s important to look for a good balance between form and function. You want your jackets, with your brand or logo prominently displayed, to be worn as often as possible. A lighter jacket will have more longevity in the South and West, while the three-season and fleece varieties will come out more often in the North. Windbreakers in wetter climates, fleece in drier climates.

Also consider that even if your jacket is part of or supplements a uniform, your employees will still want them to be stylish. A good idea would be to include your employees in the selection process and make their jackets something they will be enthusiastic about wearing. It makes a huge difference in morale and the effectiveness of the jacket in promoting your business.

Finally, all jackets take embroidery as the imprint method. Our prices on the site include the first 8000 stitches, with a reasonable rate on additional embroidery. Be aware, however, that multiple colors and intricate graphics add to the stitch count. That said, however, we can personalize your jackets with employees’ or team members’ names — this will help build team unity as well as insuring more and longer wear for your promotional jackets.

Ready to order promotional jackets? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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