Day Planners and Organizers Buying Guide

Posted April 2, 2015

Day Planners Buying Guide

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Why Buy Promotional Day Planners & Organizers?

When you want a giveaway that recipients will actually use, look no further than custom organizers and customized day planners.

Day planners and organizers will help promote your brand while also providing those receiving them with a functional gift that they can use. Nearly every industry makes decisions based on the calendar year, so promotional day planners and organizers are ideal for nearly any type of company or agency, ranging from business offices to schools and colleges to non-profit organizations.

In this guide, we will first discuss who should buy promotional day planners and organizers, then we’ll describe the different types of planners we carry, and finally we’ll explain the various filters you’ll encounter when shopping for planners and organizers. We hope that in reading this, not only will you be more familiar with the various day planners and organizers carried by InkHead, you will be able to make a more informed purchase.

Who Should Buy Customized Day Planners & Organizers?


Businesses can choose to dispense leather personal organizers as executive gifts to their most important clients, or they can dole out customized day planners to their employees, ensuring that the staff will have the equipment necessary to adhere to a schedule and stay on top of appointments and daily tasks.

Schools and Universities

School administrators can use products in a similar fashion: principals and the PTA might dispense day planners to students so that they can stay on top of their semester projects and homework assignments, or they could hand out desktop organizers to teachers so that they can keep up with their lesson plans and grading schedules.


Non-profit organizations may choose to pick up some day planners to give away as tokens of gratitude at a fundraiser or as small symbols of appreciation for a charity event.

Other Organizations

Day planners and organizers are useful beyond the areas already mentioned. In fact, people could use a day planner or organizer to keep up with their personal appointments, so nearly any type of agency, company, or organization could benefit from integrating custom organizers or promotional day planners into their marketing strategy.

Types of Customized Day Planners & Organizers

Generally speaking, there are three different types of day planner and organizer: monthly, weekly, and daily. InkHead carries all three varieties, and you can simply search among the different organizers we have available to locate the one you want.

Monthly Planners

Because most monthly planners have limited space for notes, they are best for managing long-term goals and activities at a high-level. Your end-users will be able to jot down the appointment and time, but they will not be able to record much else. This is not to imply that they are not useful. Monthly planners would be great as giveaways for utility companies and other businesses whose clientele needs to record a payment due date or some other noteworthy monthly occurrence.

Weekly Planners

Weekly planners are the ideal organizers for academic instituions. Students can record notes about a particular class as well as whatever upcoming assignments they may have. While not as granular as a daily planner, weekly planners provide users more space for a higher level of detail than monthly planners.

Daily Planners

Daily planners allow users to plan the hours of each day. Such a specialized gift would work best as gifts for customers or employees, who could use the organizer to track meetings, daily tasks, and progress on long-term goals and projects.

How to Buy Promotional Day Planners & Organizers

There are many different things to consider when buying promotional day planners and custom organizers, such as:


Your audience should be the primary concern when buying promotional day planners and organizers. This will dictate whether you go with a customized monthly planner, a custom weekly planner, or a promotional day planner. Students would benefit most from a weekly or a day planner, whereas business professionals could use a monthly planner to keep track of their appointments each month.

Item Color

InkHead carries day planners and organizers in nearly every color of the rainbow, such as Red, Green, and Blue. If you’re looking for something a little less flashy, we also have a large number of black day planners and organizers available. Remember to use the Item Color filter to return only those products available in the color you’re seeking.


In addition to having several custom organizers made from leatherette (a leather substitute), InkHead also carries polypropylene day planners and vinyl organizers. Use the Material filter on the left-hand side of the screen to view day planners and organizers made from a specific material.


Pay attention to the minimum quantity listed in the description of each item, as it varies by product, ranging from as low as 14 items per order and going up to 100. While we may have some leeway on the minimum quantity required for certain items, by and large the number listed in the item description is the absolute fewest we can get, so be prepared to purchase at least the minimum quantity when ordering.

Imprint Method

Per usual, the imprint method varies by product, so be sure to check under the “Imprint Information” tab when browsing the site to check which imprint method will be used to customize the planner or organizer you choose. That said, most of our organizers are imprinted via hot stamp, but some use a domed full color method, and others still take a simple silk-screen.

Production Time

While production time depends on several factors, most day planners and organizers can be produced and delivered to your door within 3 weeks of your order, with many of those available in less time than that. Use the Production Time filter if you want to show only those products that can be produced within a certain timeframe.

The key to ensuring a quick turnaround for your order is having your artwork in vector format and a valid credit card. Remember, we do not begin send your order to manufacturing until we have your final art approval, so be sure to approve your virtual proof once you’ve received it.

If your promotion requires turnaround in less time, not to worry. InkHead also carries a selection of free 24 hour rush production day planners and organizers. Alternatively, you can also use the Free Rush Production filter to show only those day planners and organizers that can be produced within 24 hours.

The items pictured in this guide are for illustrative purposes only and may not be available at the time of your order.

Ready to order some promotional day planners or customized organizers? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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