Calendars Buying Guide

Posted April 2, 2015

Calendars Buying Guide

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Why Buy Promotional Calendars?

If the ultimate purpose of using promotional items in your campaign is visibility, then you should think about buying promotional calendars. Calendars are perennially the number-one promotional item sold year after year, and no wonder. A recent survey by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that 76% of all consumers who receive promotional calendars display them prominently; furthermore, the ASI estimated that a calendar receives an average of 227 views per month. Since most calendars remain on display for the entire year, that adds up to an average of 2724 impressions for the life of the calendar, or a slim fraction of a cent per impression.

InkHead offers a wide variety of calendars to choose from, in all price ranges. This buying guide will familiarize you with the various types of calendars available and make our inventory easier to navigate.

Types of Promotional Calendars

Desk Calendars

These are calendars that prop up for easy viewing on the desktop. The traditional desk calendar features a tearaway monthly display with your logo and contact information imprinted on the stand-up backing. This category also includes perpetual calendars, calendars with photo frames, and digital clock/calendar configurations.

Desk Pad Calendars

Desk pad calendars are the blotter-type calendars that lie flat on the desk. Ideal for keeping extensive notes on multiple tasks and appointments on any given day, these big calendars guarantee impressions every time the end-user makes a note, doodles while on hold, or just looks down. On a front desk or a waiting-room countertop, these calendars are hard for your customers’ customers to miss as well.

Stick-On & Magnetic Calendars

An inexpensive way to increase visibility,  these small but colorful calendars affix to home or breakroom refrigerators, filing cabinets, and other high-traffic surfaces. The category is split between “stick-on” calendars, which employ a peel-off adhesive backing for mounting (take care if attaching these to painted walls) and magnetic calendars, which of course stick to most iron-based metal surface. Stick-on calendars use a monthly tearaway pad, while magnetic calendars feature a year-at-a-glance grid.

Wallet Calendars

A practical alternative to the traditional business card, a wallet calendar carries your contact information on one side and a handy 12-month grid, lais out either vertically or horizontally, on the other. Made of durable PVC, the wallet calendar is meant to be carried and used year-round, long after a paper business card has been discarded, used as a bookmark and forgotten, or simply fallen apart. That’s a year’s worth of impressions for mere pennies.

Wall Calendars

These are the traditional calendars, stapled or spiral-bound, which feature a different image for each month. The number of different subjects for these calendars is huge, allowing a wide selection of different collections of images to suit any decor and personal taste. Each of these calendars comes with extra space below the monthly grid for your logo and/or information, guaranteeing that whether your end-users are checking the date or admiring that month’s image, your business is making an impression with every look. We also have a line of calendars customers can personalize with their own images; consult with one of our Promotions Specialists if you’re interested in these.

Large Wall Calendars

This category incorporates a number of different calendar styles, but all have one thing in common: size. Whether the calendar features a monthly tearaway, quarterly tearaways for planning, or year-at-a-glance grids, all feature big, bold, eye-catching art and ample imprint area for your logo or message (or in some cases, multiple areas). This spells serious year-round impact and many impressions for your company or brand.

How to Buy Promotional Calendars

Once you’ve chosen the kind of promotional calendar you plan to give out to clients and employees, you’ll be faced with the daunting task of choosing the subject of your calendar. You’ll need to look for something that reflects your organization’s identity but will also look good hanging on someone else’s wall or resting on his or her desk for an entire year. Some businesses and groups have it easy. If you are purchasing promotional calendars for a church, a religious charity, or an affiliated business such as a mortuary, religious-themed calendars are a good choice, and we have many to choose from. Similarly, certain calendars naturally lend themselves to certain businesses, i.e. car-themed calendars for auto dealers and mechanics, sports calendars for sporting-goods stores, etc.

For those not fortunate enough to have promotional calendars tailor-made for their industries, we advise you to think geographically. We have a wide selection of calendars featuring landscape and outdoor photography, much of it panoramic vistas from across America, but we also carry a great many calendars with a regional focus, spotlighting specific areas of the country, states, and even individual cities.

What if I Don’t Find the Right Calendar for My Business?

A Calendar can give you up to 13 chances for completely unique visual impressions. Inkhead has a variety of  custom-calendars options to allow you complete control over your promotional message. Feature your employees photos, customer sourced images, examples of your company’s products, original artwork, whatever your heart’s desire. Feature a contest among your customers to have their images featured and give them a stake in the game and a reason to display their calendar with pride. Calendars make great give-away promotions, but creating a custom calendar for your organization can also be an excellent fundraiser if you choose to sell them. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Ready to order promotional calendars? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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