Calculators Buying Guide

Posted April 2, 2015

Calculators Buying Guide

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Why Buy Custom Calculators

Office and desktop items such as promotional calculators make good giveaways because your customer can use them to perform daily tasks. Such repeat use means more impressions for your brand—and that means more business for your company.

Banks, accountancy firms, tax services, and other companies in the financial sector could hand out a personalized calculator to each new client to cement the relationship. That new customer could then use the new gift to help them balance his or her checkbook, to calculate the interest accruing in the new account, or to help his or her child with homework.

Speaking of students, promotional calculators would also make very good handouts to pedants returning from summer vacation or preparing for the SAT or ACT. We offer calculators in all shapes and sizes, so even a cash-strapped school should be able to find a promotional calculator to fit its budget, no matter how thin the shoestring.

Finally, a custom calculator from InkHead would make a dynamite employee gift, especially one of our calculators that include a notepad or jotter as well for note-taking during meetings and conference calls.  Keep reading to see some of the highlights from our catalog.

Promotional Calculators Available from InkHead

The InkHead catalog includes calculators of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Let’s look at some of the different options available to you.

Solar Calculators

Many of the calculators we carry are solar-powered, meaning that the end-user of the gift will not have to worry about putting batteries in calculator. If you think your customers or employees would prefer a battery-powered calculator, not to worry. We carry several of those as well. Just pay attention to the item description to determine how the calculator is powered.

Desktop Calculators

As mentioned, InkHead has calculators in all shapes and sizes. We have many pocket-sized calculators, but we also have plenty of desktop calculators, which are larger and ideal for sitting atop a person’s desk. Hand these out to employees or give them to customers at a trade show or other company event.

Notepad/Jotter Calculators

Many of the best promotional items are those that perform more than one task at once, and InkHead has plenty of calculators that do more than just crunch numbers. One of our notepad or jotter calculators will enable recipients to quickly perform any sort of arithmetic needed as they records their thoughts and opinions in the notepad.

Other Calculators

InkHead carries many other calculators, so feel free to explore the catalog to find the perfect ruler for your promotion. If you’re looking for a combination calculator, look at our ruler-calculators or calculator-clip combo units. If there’s a calculator that you want but can’t find in the catalog, give us a call anytime between 9 AM and 8 PM ET at 800-554-0127 Monday through Friday. One of our season Promotions Specialists can help you track it down.

How to Buy Personalized Calculators


When buying promotional calculators, you should first ask yourself how you anticipate the recipients will use them. If you’re planning to hand the calculators out to students, you may want to go with one of our smaller solar calculators, as they are fairly inexpensive and will serve the purpose for which the students need them.

If you operate a business and want to provide employees with a calculator, go with one of our larger desktop calculators or one of our jotter-calculator combination units. Your employees will appreciate the gift that serves multiple purposes.

When handing out gifts such as personalized calculators at trade shows, think about how the recipient will stow the item away when he or she receives it. Chances are, the item will be tossed in a bag with promotional items from other booths. Thus, you should go with one of our brightly-colored calculators that will grab the recipient’s attention. If you don’t want something so garish, consider at least ordering a one of our flip-face calculators, so the item will be protected while in a bag.


Another consideration you may have to make is the material of the calculator. While many of our calculators are made from metal, we do offer custom plastic calculators. Some of our jotter-calculators are made from leatherette if you’re looking for a gift with a touch of class.


When you’re browsing the Promotional Calculators available from InkHead, you will notice that we offer a handful of eco-friendly custom calculators, so if you’re thinking of creating a green-themed promotion, you have some options.


The decoration method used on the custom calculators available from InkHead varies by product, so you will have to consult the item description to determine what method of imprinting will be used to decorate your items. Some calculators are imprinted via silk screen, whereas others are decorated through pad printing. We also have some calculators that can take full-color imprints through four-color processing.


Lastly, you should be aware of the minimum quantity required for your order. This varies widely by calculator. Some require as few as 12, but others necessitate orders as large as 100 units. Check the item description or contact us at 800-554-0127 for additional assistance.

Ready to order some promotional calculators? Have a question about these products? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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