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Posted May 13, 2011


Why Buy Personalized Products for your Wedding?

Weddings are about making memories—not just for the bride and groom, but also for the family members and friends attending the event. You can make those memories especially vivid by incorporating custom wedding favors into your wedding. After the reception has ended, guests can take home the items as small mementos of your wedding and remember your special day long after it has passed. Personalized wedding favors featuring the names of the bride and groom or the wedding date add a personal touch that guests will not soon forget.

InkHead carries all sorts of affordable wedding favors, ranging from the functional (such as custom umbrellas) to the purely aesthetic (customized wedding balloons, e.g.). We have products ideal for use at outdoor weddings, themed weddings, and evening weddings. Whether you are looking for customized edibles or personalized items for your wedding weekend goodie bags, chances are we have a product that will leave room in your wedding budget for a spectacular honeymoon!

Let’s take a look at some of the different custom wedding favors InkHead carries.

Personalized Wedding Decorations

The first and last things your guests will see at your wedding are how you’ve decorated the space. Don’t make your wedding a drab affair. Impress them with some of these personalized wedding decorations!

  • Customized Balloons

    If you are looking for ways to decorate the reception hall, consider balloons customized with the wedding date or the names of the bride and groom. Not only can the balloons coordinate with the rest of the decor, but the children at the wedding will love to take them home after the reception has ended.

  • Personalized Votive Candle Holders

    Decorate reception tables with votive candle holders etched with the wedding date, the couples’ initials, or some other personalized message! Guests will be impressed with the attention to detail, and they can take the holders home to hold their own votive candles or use them as shot glasses. Or order some custom shot glasses for the bachelor and bachelorette parties and use the leftover glasses as votive candle holders! However you decide to use the glasses, you can be rest assured that they will be customized exactly how you want them when you order from InkHead.

  • Custom Wedding Candles

    InkHead also carries a selection of custom candles, such as item #10659, the Heart Shaped Affection Candle, which comes in a variety of scents and can be imprinted with a message from the bride and groom. If you choose not to decorate the reception tables with the candles, you could also give them to wedding guests to thank them for their attendance.

Custom Wedding Drinkware and Accessories

From the champagne toast to the open bar, cups and glasses are some of the most crucial elements to any wedding. A custom champagne flute, plastic cup, or even monogrammed napkin will make the wedding reception almost as memorable as your grandmother’s attempt at the Funky Chicken.

  • Personalized Wedding Stemware

    Cheers! Raise a toast to the bride and groom with high-quality stemware that can be customized with a personal note from the bride and groom. Not only will the stemware help make the best man’s toast that much more memorable, it will also be a great gift for guests to take home with them after the wedding has ended.

  • Imprinted Plastic Cups

    If you are planning on having an open bar at your wedding, then you may want to think about also ordering custom stadium cups that the bartenders can use for drinks. Add a personalized message, the wedding date, or a line from the wedding vows. However you decide to use the cups, your guests will love them! What’s more, you will keep your wedding guests from breaking glasses.

  • Monogrammed Wedding Napkins

    When you invest effort into even the smallest details, events can go from mundane to unforgettable. Functional items such as napkins are generally overlooked or taken for granted, but a napkin with a personalized note or message on it will become an instant hit with wedding guests, who will use the napkins at the reception and then take them home as mementos from your big day.

  • Wedding Koozies

    If some element of your wedding reception will take place outdoors, then you may want to order custom can koozies. They will help keep your guests canned beverages cool on even the hottest days, and when the reception is over, the guests can take the koozies with them as useful souvenirs from your wedding. Koozies also make great gifts for the bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Customized Wedding Edibles

One of the biggest challenges for out-of-town wedding guests is to find food to eat after the rehearsal dinner and before the wedding reception. With customized wedding edibles from InkHead, you will keep your guests from going hungry while also giving them a lovely gift!

  • Custom Label Bottled Water

    As we’ve already mentioned, the more attention given to detail, the more memorable the wedding will be. With your own custom label bottled water, you will add further distinction to your big day by turning something as simple and passe as bottled water into yet another memento for your wedding guests to take home with them.

  • Personalized Wedding Chocolates

    Give them something sweet with chocolates personalized for your big day! Take item #13376, Nelson Molded Chocolate Squares, for instance. With a square molded chocolate with your choice of stock design and featuring your personal message on the outer wrapper, this chocolate will have them talking with their mouths full. Custom molds may be available for this item. Please call us at 800-554-0127 for pricing and details.

  • Wedding Mints

    Send your wedding guests home from the reception with fresh breath and a pocketful of memories with mints customized with a personal message or image from the bride and groom. InkHead has a wide selection of mints to choose from, including individually-wrapped mints and push-top mint tins, such as the one pictured here.

  • Wedding Candy Jars

    Perfect as part of a wedding weekend goodie bag, a custom candy jar will help keep out-of-town guests from going hungry while also reminding them of the reason for the visit. When ordering candy jars from InkHead, be sure to consult your Promotions Specialist to find out what candy options are available to you. Many of our candy jars are available with several different fillings.

Personalized Wedding Favors and Bag Stuffers

Show your guests how much you appreciate their attending your wedding with some of these personalized wedding favors and goodie bag stuffers. From personal care items such as lip balm and hand sanitizer to pastimes like playing cards, InkHead has the gifts your guests want.

  • Personalized Lip Balm Wedding Favors

    Pucker up! With these personalized lip balm wedding favors, you will want to kiss everybody! Use them as wedding welcome package stuffers or as complements to your themed wedding. However you choose to use custom lip balm from InkHead, your wedding guests will love it!

  • Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

    While not every couple will feel comfortable giving bottle openers as wedding favors to their guests, they are handy gifts that wedding attendees will appreciate after the reception is over. InkHead has a wide selection of bottle openers to choose from, ranging from keychain models to high-end corkscrew/bottle opener combinations. If you can’t find something you love, give us a call at 800-554-0127 any time between 9 AM and 8 PM ET, Monday through Friday. Our team of Promotions Specialists can assist you in locating the perfect giveaway for your guests!

  • Personalized Hand Sanitizer

    Although weddings are happy occasions, the increased exposure to people and foreign germs are enough to make some people want to skip the ceremony and stay home instead. Combat guests’ hypochondria with personalized hand sanitizer. Add a custom message to the bottle, and your guests will love the little giveaway.

  • Custom Photo Frames

    If you want to make sure that your guests take their wedding favors home with them, give them something they can use, such as a custom photo frame. InkHead has nearly 200 different frames to choose from, so you are bound to find one that fits your wedding’s theme and budget.

  • Customized Poker Chips

    Planning a themed wedding? Meet your mate at the poker tables? Heading to Vegas for the nuptials? Regardless of why you’re thinking of ordering customized poker chips as wedding favors, InkHead will have what you are looking for. Such a unique giveaway will be sure to delight your guests and make your wedding that much more memorable.

  • Personalized Playing Cards

    If you’ve been to a wedding out of town, you know how tough it can be to fill your time between wedding events. That’s where a pack of personalized playing cards would come in handy. In the hours before the wedding, your guests can pass the time playing a rousing game of solitaire or gin rummy. Add a personalized note or message to the cards, and your guests will have a memorable keepsake from your big day!

Personalized Favors for Outdoor Weddings

Planning to celebrate your nuptials in the great outdoors? Make sure you think about getting some of the following products, just in case Mother Nature decides to crash the party.

  • Wedding Fans

    If you are planning an outdoor wedding during the summer, then you should strongly consider ordering customized fans. The items will help keep your guests comfortable even when it’s hot outside. Although InkHead carries paper, plastic, and electric fans, you will probably want to order paper fans, as they are the least expensive, and many guests are likely to misplace or leave their fans behind. Add a personal note, the details of the bride and groom, or the wedding date, and turn this functional item into a memento from your big day!

  • Personalized Umbrellas

    As much as we would hate for it to rain on your wedding day, a personalized umbrella would come in handy if the rain starts to fall before the ceremony lets out. Moreover, umbrellas customized with your wedding date or the names of the bride and groom would be unique giveaways that guests would remember for years to come. With nearly 100 umbrellas to choose from, you are bound to find one that fits your budget in the InkHead catalog.

The Bottom Line

The products featured in this buying guide are just the tip of the iceberg. InkHead has thousands of products that would make lovely wedding favors for your guests, so feel free to browse our entire catalog! If you would like to look at specific products, be sure to take a look at our Personalized Wedding Favors page for more ideas.

While your wedding day is ultimately about you and your spouse-to-be, be sure to thank your guests in some small way. The items featured here would delight your guests while also giving them another way to remember your big day. What could be better?

Remember that the items featured here are subject to availability and may not be available in all colors at the time of your order. Please call us at 877.554.0127 to confirm sufficient stock is available.

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