Custom Koozies & Can Coolers Buying Guide
Posted May 20, 2016

Buying Personalized Koozies & Can Coolers

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With so many koozies and can coolers to choose from, finding the perfect one for your audience or event can be challenging. We’ve put this guide together to help you find the right koozie material and type of koozie that will resonate with your audience. There are also other factors to consider before purchasing your koozie, such as price, special features, where it’s made, and how quickly you need it. Whether you plan to hand out personalized koozies as a promotional giveaway or intend to gift them at your bachelorette party or wedding, we have the perfect wholesale koozies for all occasions.


Selecting the right material is one of the first steps to finding your perfect koozie. Although we carry a variety of materials, scuba foam and neoprene are the two most commonly used. Both materials have their own distinct characteristics, which are listed below.

Foam Koozies Neoprene Koozies
  • Strong insulating capabilities
  • Thicker material than Neoprene
  • Standard and popular option
  • Same material used for wetsuits
  • Both can and bottle options available
  • Stretchable
  • Low price point
  • Many colors available
  • Collapsible
  • Sleek feel
  • Unique options available
  • Better for wicking moisture
  • Long lasting
  • Can fray and tear
  • Usually bulkier than neoprene
  • Doesn’t stretch as well as Neoprene
  • Most options are pricier than foam
Great For:
  • Bulk, large orders
  • Themed events due to unique options
  • Wine and beer bottles

Foam Koozies and Can Coolers

Scuba foam koozies provide a thick protective covering for your cans and bottles at an affordable price. Our custom foam koozies offer great insulation, can easily fold into any bag or pocket, and come in variety of colors and designs.

Neoprene Koozies and Can Coolers

Neoprene is the same material used for wetsuits, making it a reliable and high quality koozie material. Neoprene koozies usually last longer than foam and since they are elastic, they create a snug fit for your cans and bottles. Our custom neoprene koozies come in a variety of types – cans, bottles, wraps, wine totes, and more.

Other Koozie Materials

Although foam and neoprene are the most popular koozie materials, we also carry other unique options such as recycled cardboard, knitted acrylic, and polyester. Depending on the intended use of your koozies, these materials may better match your needs.

Recycled Cardboard:

Our recycled cardboard cup sleeve is mostly used for coffee cups, making it perfect to bulk order for your restaurant, coffee shop, or hotel.

Knitted Acrylic:

Our knitted acrylic cooler stretches to fit all cans and most wine glasses. Choose up to 4 colors for your design and our manufacturer stiches to order. It’s like a sweater for your wine glass!


Polyester koozies are great for taking your drink on the go! With straps and carabiner clip options, your bottle or can will be easily portable.


Classic Can Koozies:

With such a wide selection of can coolers to choose from, these koozies are the most popular and classic wholesale option. Can koozies clearly display your logo and are a great way to give your brand or message optimal exposure while out on the beach, at tailgates, or during sports games. Choose from scuba foam, neoprene, polyester, and knitted acrylic materials to find the perfect one to suit your audience.

Bottle Koozies:

We carry a variety of personalized koozies that will perfectly fit to your bottles, including our classic bottle koozies, koozies with zippers and carabiner clips, and much more. With a wide selection of colors, shapes, and affordable options, you’ll be sure to find the bottle koozies you’ve been searching for.

Wrap Koozies:

Our wrap koozies fit perfectly around most cans and bottles, creating a snug hold that will keep your drink cold for hours. We offer our beverage wraps in a variety of colors, and carry a full color imprint option as well. Our custom wrap koozies are flexible and can easily fold into pockets, bags, and other travel gear.

Wine Bottle Coolers:

Looking to take your wine bottles on the go? We carry high quality neoprene wine totes that hold up to two bottles and are offered in over 30 colors! They can be stored flat when not in use and include soft-grip handles for easy carry. Add your company’s logo for optimal brand exposure.

Unique Koozies:

If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching promotional giveaway or gift, we have a wide selection of unique koozies! Need koozies for a sporting event? We carry golf, football, basketball, and baseball can coolers. Looking for a custom wedding koozie? We have the perfect heart shaped koozies for your special day. You can’t go wrong with our personalized unique koozies!


  1. Price

    We understand that you have a budget for your promotional koozies, and we’re here to help you get the best deal possible. We offer a wide variety of price options for our koozies, making it easy to find a koozie that fits within your budgetary constraints. If you are on a tight budget, we carry many affordable custom koozies and depending on the quantity ordered, you can get our classic koozies for as low as 46₵ each!

    We want to help you find the perfect koozie for the perfect price, so if you have any questions, call our team at 800-554-0127 between 9AM and 8PM ET on Monday through Friday.

  2. Special Features

    There are a variety of special features that your koozies and can coolers can have, each with their own advantages.

    1. Zipper: Zipper koozies allow for a full, tight fit to your bottle. With its complete fit, it offers great insulation – keeping your drink colder for longer.
    2. Magnetic: Don’t want to be stuck holding your koozie for the whole tailgate or party? Our magnetic koozies allow your cans to stick to cars, refrigerators, and more!
    3. Attached Bottle Opener: We offer koozies that feature an attached bottle opener for your convenience. Great for tailgates and outdoor events!
    4. Carabiner: Take your koozies on the go with our carabiner koozies. They can easily fold and hook to your bags and backpacks.
    5. Bottle Caddy: The perfect option for carrying more than one bottle. With reliable materials and thick handles, it’s great for traveling.
  3. Made in USA

    Show support to US businesses by buying koozies and can coolers that were made stateside. Many customers appreciate knowing their products were made and decorated close to home, so check out our wide variety of koozies made in the USA, including our classic koozies, coffee cup sleeves, beverage wraps, and more.

  4. Free 24-Hour Rush Production

    If time is a big concern when ordering your personalized koozies, we offer a variety of koozies with free 24-hour rush processing and production. Our team guarantees that your products will be made with care and are available right on time. If you’d like to learn more about how our 24-hour rush production works, contact our team at 800-554-0127 between 9AM and 8PM ET on Monday through Friday.

  5. Full Color Imprint:

    We offer full color imprinting options on a selection of our koozies. If you see a  symbol underneath a product, that means that full color imprint is included in the price. We’re here to answer any of your questions regarding imprint options and are available to call at 800-554-0127 between 9AM and 8PM ET on Monday through Friday.

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