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Posted June 5, 2014
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Custom Golf Products & Apparel Buying Guide

InkHead Promotional Products has compiled this golf promotions buying guide to serve as your knowledge base for creating your own effective promotion campaign anchored by this wildly popular multinational sport. Filled with objective information on custom golf equipment and apparel, we hope you’ll let Team InkHead be your one-stop shop for quality custom golf merchandise and active wear throughout the year. After all, we are the golf promotions experts.


Why Buy Custom Golf Promotional Equipment and Apparel?

The popularity of golf in this country and around the world can hardly be denied. According to, there are 29,000,000 players in the US alone–that’s a healthy 9.6% of the population. Because the sport cuts across race, gender, and age boundaries in its popularity and accessibility, custom golf promotional equipment and apparel can accomplish these mission-critical objectives.

Thank Customers/Clients/Executives/Employees. There are few experiences that express your appreciation for big sales, hard work, and brand loyalty like a day on the links. Whether you put on a tournament or just buy them a round, treating your favorite group to a custom golf promotion will let them know how much they mean to your business.

Advertise a Business/Organization/Product/Service. Attach your next big launch to a custom golf product or apparel piece. Every time they hit the course, they’ll remember the reason–which is the first step to making your product or service a household name.

Raise Funds for/Raise Awareness of a Cause/Individual. Very few sports can raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause like golf. Not only does it give them a reason to play a round, but it gives your charity a variety of opportunities to encourage players to give generously.

Stock a Retail Store/Country Club/Pro Shop. Custom golf apparel and equipment are perennial sellers. Outfitting and equipping golfers for a round counts for billions of dollars in the US annually. Stock your retail store, country club, or pro shop early and often to get your piece of the pie.


Who Uses Custom Golf Promotional Equipment and Apparel?

Golf promotions are suitable brand boosters for a wide range of businesses, organizations, and civic groups–public and private. Golf has so much potential to drive awareness and profits that business and organizations of all sizes have made it a critical part of their annual marketing strategies. Check out this short list of entities that launch custom golf promotions on the regular.

Business/Organization Administrators. If you need convincing that custom golf promotions are popular with the business set, just consider these statistics from MGT Open:


Fundraisers. Very few sporting events can raise charity funds like a well-organized golf tournament. Check out these golf fundraising statistics from the Champions Event Group:


Retailers. Retailers have long known the earnings potential of custom golf equipment and apparel. While there are plenty of statistics on buying, the Association of Golf Merchandisers offers these primary considerations for retail buyers:


Country Clubs/Pro Shops. Keeping your country club or golf course pro shop stocked with the latest custom golf merchandise is the mark of a quality organization. Strategies to consider (from Club Resources International) include:


Where to Use Custom Golf Promotional Equipment and Apparel

Golfers are so proud of their sport that they never confine custom golf apparel and equipment to the course alone. Golf fashions are easily transferable to a day in the office or a night on the town. Having said that, put your business logo on golf clothing or equipment and know that it will be seen anywhere your golfer happens to go.

On the Course. Perhaps the obvious environment, your buying strategies for custom golf equipment and apparel should take into account the fact that golfers will appreciate merchandise–either bought or received– that maximizes their enjoyment of the sport and their ability to play it well.

In the Office. More and more golfers are wearing their custom golf apparel in the office. Keep in mind that because golf is the universal business sport, the potential for brand exposure is huge as golfers wear golf clothes on casual Fridays and put with clubs and balls in the office during stress breaks.

Out on the Town. This phenomenon finds more golfers wearing custom Polo golf shirts and even golf shows (sans spikes) to restaurants and night spots. Choosing styles that crossover well into these recreational environments will ensure healthy sales figures throughout the year.


Types of Custom Golf Promotional Equipment

Despite the simplicity of the sport, golfers are fanatical about having all of the equipment necessary and available. Take advantage of this enigma by putting your business logo on all of the tools of the trade. Here is a small selection of custom golf equipment that you can employ in your drive to publicize your business or organization.

Golf Balls, Golf Tees, & Golf Ball Markers. This is the ultimate golfing promotional pack. The player’s concentration on these tools means maximum attention paid to your business logo. Custom golf balls come in two- and three-piece styles. Custom golf tees come in long and short, made from wood and plastic. We offer a custom golf ball buying guide and custom golf tee buying guide to help you to make an informed purchase.

Golf Gloves. Custom golf gloves work to lessen the vibrations felt in the hand from contact between the club and the ball. Custom golf gloves come in a range of styles and sizes, most with Velcro closures and a removable ball marker.

Golf Clubs. Custom golf clubs come in a wide range of materials and sizes, and can be customized on the backside of the head with laser etching or engraving. Custom golf clubs can get pricey, but most golfers consider them an investment in playing a better game.

Golf Tools & Accessories. The number of custom golf tools and accessories has grown over the years. These include divot repair tools, distance range finders, golf shoe spike wrenches, and a variety of knives to perform various on-course repairs and modifications.

Golf Bags & Bag Tags. The custom golf bag offers the largest print area of any piece of golf merchandise. Businesses and organizations love these because custom golf bags are structured to take a large logo with plenty of spaces for extra text, such as company mottos or individual names.

Golf Towels. Custom golf towels are another low-cost, high-visibility item that makes the perfect giveaway. Also with a large imprint area, custom golf towels come in a wide range of fabrics, sizes, and colors to match virtually any occasion.

Golf Shoe Bags. Custom shoe bags are a unique gift item that golfers really love. They serve to protect not only golf shoes, but the interiors of vehicles from dirt that can be tracked in on the shoes from the course.

Golf Bags. This is perhaps the golfer’s favorite little extra to carry on and off the course. Custom golf caddies, pouches, and organizers carry everything from car keys to mobile phones to wallets.


Things to Consider When Buying Custom Golf Promotional Equipment

Before you begin selecting custom golf equipment, it helps to know the various characteristics that drive buying decisions. Despite the apparent randomness of their selections, golfers are surprisingly picky about the custom golf merchandise on which they spend their money. Understanding equipment features goes a long way in creating a winning golf promotion.

Materials. Materials have a major impact on price of the item, as well as functional features such as weatherproofing. Cheaper materials are more suitable for giveaway items, while the more expensive versions of custom golf products do well for gifting.

Brands. There are a wide range of brands that have established a corner in the custom golf market. These include Nike, OGIO, Adidas, Titleist, Callaway, and Top-Flight. As with any other purchase, name brands cost more but offer better quality. Other popular golf brands include:

Sizes. Size mostly applies to custom golf clubs. Taller or shorter golfers appreciate a club that is cut to their specifications–plus, a better fitting club often shows up in lower rounds on the course. Custom golf clubs can be fit to size in any pro shop.


Types of Custom Golf Promotional Apparel

There is a well-known golf maxim that most players–professional and recreational alike–subscribe to religiously: “Look good, play good.” Golf courses are some of the pickiest environments for dress code rules and regulations.  Part style and part performance, these custom golf apparel categories represent your best options for getting your business logo seen on the course.

Golf Polo Shirts. Custom golf polo shirts have improved with technology. Top of the line apparel in this category do a much better job of controlling body temperature by wicking sweat away from the skin. Dynamic colors and designs have added a sense of style to traditionally casual golf wear. We offer a custom golf and polo shirt buying guide to help you to make an informed purchase.

Golf Hats/Visors. Custom golf hats, caps, and visors play a couple of integral roles–blocking the sun to enhance vision as well as protecting the head from UV rays and rain when the temperatures become extreme.

Golf Outerwear. Weatherproofing technologies have placed the custom golf outerwear market in the spotlight lately. Because golf is played in a variety of environments, golfers love having a rain suit within easy reach to continue a round in harsh weather.


Things to Consider When Buying Custom Golf Promotional Apparel

Similar to equipment, custom golf apparel possess certain features that players look for when making buying decisions. Golfers will typically drive well out of their way to find the apparel that suits their personal style and style of play. These features affect both availability and price; so, consider each carefully as you put together your golf apparel promotion.

Materials. While the standard cottons and polyesters are still the norm, new materials that wick sweat and offer enhanced weatherproofing are all the rage. Higher quality materials cost more, but make for better apparel.

Brands. There are a wide range of brands that have established a corner in the custom golf market. These include Nike, OGIO, Adidas, Titleist, Callaway, and Top-Flight. As with any other purchase, name brands cost more but offer better quality. Other popular golf brands include:

Sizes. Size matters in the custom golf apparel category. A better fit often translates into freer movement on the course and lower scores on the card. Men’s and women’s style fit differently from variable cuts in the fabric.


Other Golf Promotion Resources

In an effort to make our Ultimate Golf Promotional Guide comprehensive in nature, Team InkHead has included a wealth of resources to help you make an informed buying decision. The following links open to resources outside of and support the information contained in this guide.


We’d like to thank you for counting on InkHead Promotional Products for objective golf promotions information and for trusting us with the reputation of your business or organization. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously–it serves as our motivation to remain the web’s premier golf promotions experts.

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