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Posted August 21, 2012

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Why Buy Custom USB Drives

Custom USB drives are one of InkHead’s most popular promotional items, and with good reason. The best promotional items are those that get used long again and again long after they’ve been received. In this technological age, flash drives have some of the highest reuse rates. Like most custom computer accessories, flash drives carry a high perceived value—meaning that recipients of your flash drives will be more impressed with your gift than with other promotional items they may receive.

Most companies want to appear tech-savvy these days, and promotional flash drives are a good way to convey that message. Furthermore, flash drives are often swapped and shared, which can lead to additional impressions per unit. For these reasons, flash drives are among the most popular promotional items InkHead sells.

Next, we’ll take a look at when to use flash drives before going over some things to remember when buying custom USB drives.

When and Where to Use Flash Drives

Things to Consider When Buying Flash Drives

  • Price: Because of volatile market conditions, prices for tech accessories such as personalized flash drives can vary greatly. Make sure to contact us to ensure the price listed on the website is the most accurate.
  • Data Loading Service: Many of our suppliers also offer data-loading services for their USB drives, meaning you can hand out flash drives preloaded with whatever you want. Please note that there is generally an extra charge for this service. Your account manager can provide more details at the time of your order.
  • Accessories: Some manufacturers also offer accessories such as lanyards or keyrings for their flash drives. If this is something you require, please let us know during the ordering process.
  • Material: While the majority of our flash drives are made from a hard-polymer plastic, we do carry some made from speciality materials, such as leather and bamboo.
  • Production Times: Most flash drives take around 5 business days to produce, however rush production service is available on select items. Aside from our free rush production flash drives, production times for rush flash drives include 24-hour, 2-day, 3-day, and 4-day. Be advised that rush production on flash drives generally costs extra and may not be available on extremely large orders.
  • Quantity: Minimum quantities for flash drives vary between as little as 12 pieces and as many as 500, so pay close attention to the minimum quantities when ordering.
  • Size: We carry flash drives ranging in sizes from under 1 GB up to 4 GB. We recommend going with flash drives at least 1 GB or larger to maximize your ROI.
  • Speed: Most flash drives carried by InkHead are USB 2.0 and work with all current major operating systems. If you require USB 3.0, please contact us for assistance in locating an item for you.
  • Shape: Want a USB drive in your own custom shape? Take a look at our flash drives from LogoIncluded. Note that the minimum quantity for custom-shaped USB drives is 500 pieces.
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