Embroidery Decoration Guide

Posted November 5, 2014

Embroidery Decoration Guide


What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the process of creating and producing ornamental needlework consisting of designs worked on fabric with high-luster threads either by hand or machine. For many forms of apparel, machine embroidery is the preferred form of imprinting as it gives these items an elegant look that enhances their perceived value.

When to Use Embroidery

As mentioned, the elegance of embroidery will enhance the perceived value of the garment, making the decoration method ideal for several situations, such as:

Costs Associated with Embroidery

Embroidery is priced by the number of stitches required to complete the decoration, normally in increments of 1,000. All prices on InkHead for embroidered goods include up to 8,000 stitches for decoration. We find that this satisfies the decoration needs of the majority of our customers. If we determine your logo requires more stitches than that, we will let you know and work with our decorators to quote you the most competitive price possible.

Because pricing is determined by stitch count, intricate designs or large logos are discouraged. Moreover, you may find that embroidery for extremely large orders is cost-prohibitive, but we will work with our decorators to give you as low a price as we can.

Additionally, embroidery shops charge a one-time fee for digitizing your artwork. Digitization is the process by which your artwork is uploaded to the embroidery machine and converted into a suitable format for sewing onto garments. Note that plain text does not generally incur a digitizing fee since it can be generated easily by typing at the machine keyboard. Because the digital file can be easily stored, digitization is is generally a one-time fee. As long as the logo or the dimensions of the imprint haven’t changed, you will not be charged another digitization fee whenever you order a reprint.

Unlike screen-printing, there is no cost for additional colors in your logo. In screen-printing, multiple colors require multiple screens and multiple runs through the printer; multiple colors in embroidery is just a matter of multiple threads. When a garment is embroidered, all threads are sewn into the fabric at once, so multiple runs through the machine are not necessary (assuming you are only imprinting in one area, of course).

The Benefits of Embroidery

Every imprint method has advantages and disadvantages. Embroidery offers several benefits, such as:

Situations to Avoid with Embroidery

While embroidery offers several notable benefits, there a few situations where it is not advisable to use it, including:

Things to Remember with Embroidery

If you decide to use embroidery to decorate your apparel, there a few things you should bear in mind:

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