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Posted April 2, 2015

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Why Buy Customized Hand Fans?

Outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, and sports games can heat up, especially in the summer, which is why customized hand fans make great promotional items for such events.

Give someone a hand fan when he or she really needs one, and he or she will appreciate it much more than almost any other promotional item you can give away. As mentioned already, personalized hand fans are great for outdoor events, but they are also ideal as favors at outdoor weddings and as handouts at crowded churches without central air conditioning.

Types of Personalized Hand Fans

InkHead has three different categories of hand fan: paper hand fans, plastic hand fans, and small electric hand fans. Each category has its advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a closer look at each type of fan to see which is best for your promotional campaign.

Paper Hand Fans

Paper hand fans are the simplest type of fan available. Generally speaking, such fans consist of cardboard stock that is held using an 8? basswood handle adhered to the back of the fan. For the most part, pricing shown on InkHead’s paper hand fans includes printing any one color on one side. Check the product description for further details on other imprint methods available. Because paper fans are not very durable, you should purchase some only if you’re content in not having the fans returned or reused more than a day or two.

Learn more about buying paper hand fans.

Bottom line: Hand out paper fans without expecting to have them returned.
Good for: Weddings, churches, outdoor festivals, and sporting events.

Plastic Hand Fans

If you are seeking a giveaway item with greater durability than our paper hand fans, then consider going with one of our plastic hand fans. Although they are a bit more expensive than paper hand fans, plastic fans will last much longer and stand up well to repeated use, making them ideal for use as a spirit item at a sporting event or a campaign tool at political rallies. Also, because they last longer, plastic hand fans generally attain more impressions per unit than paper hand fans.

Bottom line: More durable but costlier than paper, plastic hand fans are a solid promotional item.
Good for: Sporting events, political rallies, and churches.

Small Electric Fans

Sometimes, a simple, manual-operated hand fan is not enough, which is why InkHead also offers small electric fans. Because of the added cost of electric fans, you probably will not want to hand out them out indiscriminately at an outdoor booth or event table. Instead, use the items as incentives to sign up for your service, listen to your sales pitch, or make a minimal donation to your cause. Another good use for them would be to give away as small-time raffle prizes at a company or church picnic. Finally, think about using them as a part of a direct mail campaign during the summer months when your business may be slow.

Bottom line: Ideal as incentive for a sign-up or donation.
Good for: Charities, churches, small and large businesses.

Who Can Use Hand Fans

Because fans are so useful, they are among the most effetive promotional products your money can buy. Let’s take a look at some of the most common buyers of fans.

Where to Use Hand Fans

There are countless ways to use promotional fans in your company marketing and advertising campaigns, but here are some of the most popular ways we have seen our customers employ the fans they have purchased from us.

Things to Remember When Buying Custom Hand Fans

Purchasing personalized fans can be tricky. Remember that we’re standing by 9 AM to 8 PM ET Monday through Friday to help you find just the right fans for your needs. We also encourage you to request samples of the fans in which you’re interested, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting beforehand.

Ready to order some customized hand fans? Have a question about these products? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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