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Posted April 2, 2015


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Why Buy Custom Poker Chips & Customized Tokens?

Custom poker chips have become a very popular way for small businesses to make an impression with potential customers, and at InkHead, we can deliver a chip or token that’s eye-catching and memorable.

Poker chips, or casino tokens as they’re called on the Strip, have come a long way since their first appearance in the gambling halls of the 1800s, from mere stand-ins for currency to intricate works of art in their own right. Composed primarily of a clay-resin composite for durability and uniform weight (which makes them easier to count in the casino cages), chips are custom-made with individualistic designs to reflect the identities of their respective casinos. The same principle can be put to work for your business with customized poker chips as distinctive as you are.

Custom tokens don’t just work as calling cards; they can also be used as an alternative to paper coupons and complimentary passes. If you have a long-term promotion going, passing promotional tokens to your customers insures that they’ll be more likely to hold onto the token and use it than they would with a slip of paper. Furthermore, once the promotional token has been redeemed, it’s ready to be handed out again. In short, customized tokens are an economical way to keep potential clients coming through the door again and again.

And of course there’s another use for your custom poker chips—as actual poker chips. If you’re a non-profit organization holding poker or casino nights for charity, or if you’re looking for a terrific corporate gift for upscale clients, our promotional poker chips can provide individual flair with a high perceived value.

Types of Promotional Poker Chips

In order to maintain a standard thickness and weight consistent with the casino style our customers expect, the primary difference between our promotional poker chips is in the imprint method.

Screenprinted Custom Poker Chips

Your logo or message is printed directly onto the poker chips. Viscous, inorganic (silicate) inks and precious metals are transferred onto the chips either wet with interim drying or thermo-plastically using a silk-screening process. They are then fired at temperatures from 560 to 800 degrees C so that they become scratch-proof and light-stable. This can be done on either one side or both sides; each preference has its own listing and up-front pricing on the site.

Decal Inlay Custom Poker Chips

These chips have a recessed center area which takes a decal imprinted with your brand or message. The advantage of this method is that the decal allows for a wider range of graphics options than a screenprinted chip. Like screenpinted chips, decal inlay chips can be decorated on one or both sides.

Types of Custom Tokens

Wooden Nickels

These wooden nickels are the kind you want people to take. A basic 1 1/2″ diameter disc of wood takes a stock imprint from our selection of classic designs on one side, while the other side bears your message on the other. Very inexpensive, the wooden nickel is a great way to offer discounts, and once the nickel is redeemed it can be used again, thus increasing the return on your investment.

Plastic Tokens

Slightly costlier but more durable, and with a wider range of color options, plastic tokens work the same way as wooden nickels, taking a stock imprint on one side and a message on the other. Their potential for multiple re-use makes plastic tokens an attractive alternative to paper coupons.

How to Buy Promotional Poker Chips & Tokens

As you consider our selection of custom poker chips and promotional tokens, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:


Because of the nature of bulk manufacture of these items, we offer an attractive but limited selection of standard popular designs to choose from among our poker chips and, in the case of tokens, a selection of standard second-side designs (available on their respective item pages). Some of these designs are intricate and others are simple, but all have been chosen for their attractiveness and any will make a handsome promotional item for your imprint.


Small items like chips and tokens require bulk manufacture to be cost-effective. The minimum order for these items runs from 250 to 3000, depending on the item. Before placing your order, be sure that the minimum meets your needs and budget and that you will actually be able to use this many chips or tokens.

Ready to order some custom poker chips? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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