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Posted April 7, 2016

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Why Buy Custom Mouse Pads?

Looking for an ideal product to promote your business, event, or cause? Or perhaps a useful and uniform desk accessory for the people in your own office? Chances are the answer is right under your fingertips, right now! We live in a computer-driven age; with a computer comes a mouse, and with a mouse comes a mouse pad, a veritable poster for your promotion sitting on countless desks to be looked at and used again and again throughout every single day. Back when a mouse was basically a trac-ball with a handle, mouse pads were made exclusively of spongy rubber covered with fabric, but with the advent of optical mice now mouse pads come in a variety of different materials, sizes, thicknesses, and uses, and InkHead carries a vast selection to meet your needs. Any image you can think of can be transferred to a mouse pad, making it an ideal canvas for your promotion.

Let’s take a look at the different varieties of custom mouse pads available. You’ll be surprised by just how many choices you have.

Types of Custom Mouse Pads

Promotional Mouse Pads

The traditional promotional mouse pad is well-represented on our site. Soft rubber topped with fabric that takes a custom imprint beautifully, these pads are available in the standard rectangle (from 6”x8” to 8”x9½”) or, if you’d like something different, there are round pads 8” in diameter available. You also have a choice in thicknesses, between ¼”, 1/8”, or a very slim 1/16”.

Hard Surface Mouse Pads

A popular alternative to rubber is Vynex, a hard plastic laminate that protects the image while providing just friction to make using the mouse more comfortable. Best of all, a Vynex custom mouse pad is about as flat as a pad can be, making it practical on the desk as well as attractive to the eye.

Window Frame Mouse Pads

The Vynex laminate also allows us to offer a variety of window/photo frame mouse pads, in which your customers or employees can slide in personal or family photos for a unique touch that will be most appreciated.

Leather Mouse Pads

For executives or anyone going after an upscale look for their desktop accessories, a selection of promotional leather mouse pads, which can be silkscreened or debossed for a subtle but classy look with a high perceived value.

Eco Friendly Mouse Pads

At InkHead we try to offer as many eco-friendly alternatives as possible, and our selection of mouse pads is no exception. We offer personalized mouse pads in beautiful and durable recycled cardboard and recycled paper, including pads that double as tear-away notepads – for the earth-friendly multitasker.

Double-Duty Mouse Pads

We understand all too well how computer monitors, keyboards, and mice can eat up valuable real estate on a crowded desk. With that in mind we also offer personalized mouse pads with convenient and space-saving extra features, such as built-in calculators, calendars, 4-port USB hubs, and the ever-needed gel wrist rest to help your customers get through a day of mousing as painlessly as possible. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness as well as your eye for a cool accessory.

How to Buy Custom Mouse Pads

The beautiful thing about using custom mouse pads as a promotion is that the possibilities for decoration are virtually limitless – whatever configuration of logo and artwork you can imagine can usually be reproduced faithfully and vividly on a mouse pad, and our crack graphics team is ready to help you realize your work of promotional art. Limitless selection can also be daunting, however, so here are a few things to consider when choosing your mouse pads.

End-User Needs

Just about everyone who works at a desk, whether working on spreadsheets or balancing the family budget, will use a mouse pad, but not all desks are alike. If your target customers or employees are professionals with a taste for upscale décor, they’ll be more receptive to one of our debossed leather pads or a Vynex pad that lies unobtrusively flat on their desks. A tech-heavy desktop would benefit from a USB-port pad – you can never have too many USB ports!

Imprint Area

The sky may be the limit for the kind of images and graphics that can be imprinted on a custom mouse pad, but here space is not infinite. Every mouse pad on our site comes with its precise dimensions, so if your artwork is intricate you’ll want to choose a larger pad so as not to lose any of the details. Often an image will work better on a round mouse pad, and round pads are eye-catching and interesting.

If you are interested in our window/photo frame pads, we advise selecting one with as large a window as possible while maintaining the integrity of your graphics – providing your customers or employees with the opportunity to personalize their mouse pads with photos means the pads – and your brand – will stay on their desks for a good long time.

As with all of our products at InkHead, the wide selection and competitive prices on our site are backed up by unparalleled customer service, so feel free to contact one of our Promotions Specialists to have him or her assist you in the process of ordering and imprinting your custom mouse pads.

Ready to order some custom mouse pads? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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