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Posted December 22, 2010

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Why Buy Custom Backpacks?

When our hands are full, a promotional item such as a bag comes quite in handy, which is one of the reasons why promotional bags, such as custom backpacks, are one of the smartest items you can buy for your promotional dollar.

In fact, a recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute has found that promotional bags generate the most impressions on a monthly basis (over 1000, in fact) than any other single promotional item you can purchase. One reason for this is that promotional bags (such as backpacks) are so useful that people will use them over and over again, creating impressions for your brand not just from the bag-user, but also from anyone else who happens to glimpse the bag. Utile giveaways like personalized backpacks go further to endear your customers to you than something like a promotional pen, which can be filed away in a drawer and forgotten after a few uses.

Unlike promotional tote bags that can wear out in a few months after heavy use, custom backpacks have lasting power that can endure for several years when properly maintained. Furthermore, they are more favorable ergonomically than other bag types because they distribute the weight of the items you are carrying across your upper back and shoulders, instead of your lower back, arms, and trunk.Who Can Use Backpacks

Who Uses Backpacks

Because backpacks are so useful, they are among the most diverse promotional items your money can buy. Let’s take a look at some of the most common buyers of backpacks.

  • Students: Chances are when you think of a backpack, the first person you think of is a student. Go with that instinct. Backpacks are perfect for student promotions and campaigns.
  • Sports Players: Athletes of all ages need a place to stick their sweaty clothes after a long game. That’s why backpacks are among our most popular sports promotional products.
  • Festival Attendees: People spending most of the day walking around checking out art booths or concerts can certainly use a backpack to keep their valuables along with a few other essential items like a custom water bottle, umbrella, and snacks.
  • Gym Goers: Similar to sports athletes, gym-goers can use backpacks to keep a change of clothes after their trip to the treadmill or elliptical machine.
  • Road Warriors: Professionals who spend the majority of their time traveling can attest to the importance of a good backpack to hold their laptop, cords, and other valuables.
  • Families: If you’re looking for a family reunion gift idea that will get used long after everyone has gone back home, look no further than backpacks.

Where to Use Backpacks

There are countless ways to use promotional backpacks in your company marketing and advertising campaigns, but here are some of the most popular ways we have seen our customers employ the backpacks they have purchased from us.

  • Schools: If you’re promoting your company, agency, or organization on a school campus, you should strongly consider incorporating backpacks into your campaign. Not only will the students be able to use the item immediately, but they’ll also be spreading your message to new places.
  • Outdoor Events: Buying a booth at your city festival? Make sure everyone sees your message by handing out backpacks to attendees.
  • Sports Leagues: Youth league sports love drawstring backpacks.
  • Family Reunions: Family reunions are great places to give our backpacks.
  • New Employee Orientation: Get new hires acclimated to the job with a gift that they can use every day!
  • Client Appreciation Events: Show your clients how much you love them with a sleek and stylish backpack.

Types of Custom Backpacks

While InkHead carries a variety of backpacks, our selection falls into three main categories: drawstring backpacks, sling bags, and standard backpacks.

  • Standard Backpacks: Backpacks have gone under many names in their history: knapsack, rucksack, and packsack, just to name a few, but their design has not changed tremendously since their creation in the late 19th century. Designed originally to help soldiers transport their gear across long distances, backpacks have become primarily associated with students because they aid them in lugging heavy textbooks and supplies to and from school. That said, backpacks are not just for students anymore. Since knapsacks provide more room and greater mobility than other bags, adults use them as much as they use traditional briefcases or other types of bags. This is evidenced by the increasing prevalence of the laptop sleeve and a secondary compartment for documents in full-size backpacks. When you peruse the InkHead catalog, you will find a wide variety of knapsacks, so you are bound to find a personalized backpack that fits your marketing budget and your promotional needs.
  • Drawstring Backpacks: These are the simplest form of personalized backpack we offer, where the main compartment is closed via drawstrings that then double as the straps to hold the bag onto the wearer’s back. Because of this basic design, custom drawstring backpacks are not ideal for heavy loads. Custom drawstring bags are ideal as giveaways for attendees at sporting events or outdoor festivals, where they can use the bag to hold the rest of the items they receive throughout the day.
  • Sling Bags: A relatively recent addition to the bag canon, sling bags are a hybrid between backpacks and the currently trendy messenger bag. They feature a single strap that crosses over the body, at least one large zippered compartment, along with a few smaller side and front pockets. Larger than drawstring bags and hipper than standard backpacks, sling bags can be used on a regular basis by students or young professionals on the go, so think about picking some up for prizes at your next PTA booster club giveaway or sales meeting. Note that because of the single strap, these bags are not ideal for carrying extremely heavy loads, nor do many sling bags include specially-designed storage space for delicate electronic equipment such as a laptop or tablet computer.
  • Rolling Backpacks: Rolling backpacks are great for traveling salespeople and other individuals who may not be able to use a standard backpack comfortably.

Things to Consider When Buying Custom Backpacks

Purchasing personalized backpacks can be tricky. Remember that we’re standing by 9 AM to 8 PM ET Monday through Friday to help you find just the right backpacks for your needs. We also encourage you to request samples of the backpacks in which you’re interested, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting beforehand.

  • Intended Use: How you intend for your recipients to use the backpack will dictate which ones you should order. Generally speaking, bags with higher price points make better gifts; mid-priced bags are good for student use; and  low-priced bags are great for giveaways.
  • Brands: Offering custom Wenger backpacks (maker of Swiss Army products), Adidas backpacks, High Sierra backpacks, and many more, our catalog is sure to have a bag that will resonate with your intended audience, regardless of whom it may be. Just remember that certain bag brands carry a higher perceived value than others, so choosing a brand of backpack that aligns with your promotional vision is critical.
  • Materials: We have backpacks made from all sorts of materials, but the majority of them are made from nylon, polyester, or polypropylene. All materials are durable and designed to stand up to repeat use, so focus mainly on how the recipients of the bag will react when they receive the bag. If you are working on a green initiative and want some promotional backpacks to spread your message, think about getting a bag made out of an eco-friendly material, such as jute.
  • Weight capacity: If you’re giving the backpacks to traveling salespeople or top clients, you may wish to pay attention to the weight capacity on the bag. Backpacks are designed to withstand a certain amount of weight, and exceeding that can result in personal injury or damage to the backpack. Have a question about a certain item? Contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.
  • Size: Size matters when it comes to rucksacks. If you are planning to use the bags for a youth-oriented sports event, then a smaller drawstring bag may the best option. Using the packs as corporate gifts or employee recognition awards? We suggest getting a full-size backpack that includes a sleeve for your customers’ or employees’ laptop, so they’ll use the bag instead of  a briefcase or laptop bag.
  • Quantity: Quantity ranges from as little as 1 pieces up to 250 for giveaway items. Some items may be available at less than minimum quantities with the payment of a less-than-minimum fee. Inquire with a salesperson to find out whether this is available for your item.
  • Imprint Method: While imprint method varies by bag, but most are either embroidered or silk-screened. Also, can some items take more than one imprint method, so be sure to consult the product listing or one of our promotions specialists for further information.
  • Production Time: Most backpacks can be made within 5 business days. If you’re in a time crunch, start your search by looking at our free 24 hr production backpacks.

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