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Posted April 2, 2015

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Why Buy Custom Adhesive Notepads?

If you’re sitting at a desk right now, chances are very good you’re looking at one or more (or many) adhesive notes stuck to your monitor, your bulletin board, or your cubicle wall. Since its invention in 1974, the adhesive note (or “sticky note” or Post-It®, as the original 3M brand is called) has been our favorite way to keep track of reminders, important points of information, or random thoughts. The low-tack, reusable adhesive on the back of the notes means they can be placed almost anywhere, removed, and placed almost anywhere else.

Sticky notes come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors beyond the standard canary-yellow squares with which we’re mostly familiar. Being paper, promotional adhesive notepads are able to take many configurations of graphics and colors. While most notes take a logo and information on the top and/or bottom in order to leave room for writing, an option called “ghosting” or “fade” can lay an image on the entire surface at 6-10% resolution, clear enough to see but faint enough to write on. Another option for including more striking graphics is the notepad cube, which permits a bold graphic on all four sides.

One very important thing to remember about adhesive notes is that while the adhesive is remarkably versatile and can attach to virtually any surface, one surface it does not bond well with is the laminate covering white dry-erase boards, so avoid posting anything on a dry-erase board that you want to keep.

Promotional Adhesive Notepad Options

Standard Notepads

This is the standard-size notepad, usually 3″x3″ square or 4″x3″ rectangular, handy for jotting down notes, numbers, or reminders. These notepads are a perfect size for a visible logo and company information while leaving plenty of writing area to make them indispensable for everyday use.

Adhesive Note Cubes

This item carries many advantages to go with its slightly higher unit price. Not only does each individual note carry your logo and/or message, but there are many more notes in a cube and the shape allows for photo-quality images on all four sides, a great way to ensure visibility even when the note cube is not in use.

Long Notepads

A useful alternative to the square sticky note is an imprinted pad 4?x6? or 3?x8?, for longer messages and lists. Available lined or unlined, these notepads will get a lot of use, particularly as to-do lists, and thus generate a lot of impressions.

Sticky Note Books and Caddies

For your customers who might need sticky notes on the go, we offer several options for providing easy portability for their notes and your logo. These packets of standard-sized adhesive notes, along with flags for marking important places in books and paperwork, are available in matchbook-style envelopes and leather-like cases that take a logo nicely.

Adhesive Note Dispensers

Another option for long-term visibility are desk dispensers for sticky-notes which are fan-folded for easy access. As simple to use and reload as a tape dispenser, these items will stay in a handy and visible place on your customers’ desks, generating impressions and goodwill every time your client needs to make a note.

Adhesive Coupons

Another use for adhesive notes is as a handy way to issue coupons. If your business makes a practice of issuing point-of-purchase or ad hoc coupons, having adhesive pre-printed pads at every desk or register will prove cost-effective and convenient.

How to Buy Promotional Adhesive Notepads

There are several variables to consider when ordering adhesive notepads from InkHead, such as:

Item Color

In addition to the tried-and-true White and Canary Yellow, InkHead carries custom adhesive notepads in a variety of colors, such as Blue, Green, and Pink. If you have a promotion that requires a specific color of notepad, chances are InkHead has it. Remember to use the Item Colors filter to view only those promotional notepads that meet your specific color requirements.


Chances are you know adhesive notepads by the most prevalent brand name on the market, Post-It Notepads. In addition to notepads from Post-It, InkHead also carries several notepads from BIC, another big name in stationery. You can use the Brand filter to view just those notepads of a certain brand.


If you’re planning a promotion around Earth Day or some other “green” holiday, InkHead has a number of Eco-Friendly Custom Notepads available. Don’t forget that you can use the Eco-Friendly filter to view only eco-friendly adhesive notepads. Eco-Friendly notepads are also noted with a green leaf icon in the product gallery.

Imprint Method

The decoration method used to imprint custom notepads varies by product, so make sure to consult the item description to see which type of imprint method will be used for your item. Some of our notepads are decorated through a simple silk screen, whereas others take a pad imprint. We also offer a number of full-color adhesive notepads, most frequently implemented through a four-color process. If you are looking for a full-color notepad, be sure to use the Multi Color Imprint filter to view only those items that can take a full-color imprint.

Because sticky note pads get used, posted, and passed around so often in the course of a business day, a simple logo and slogan should suffice. Many businesses make the mistake of trying to pack too much information onto their notes, which reduces the writing area and therefore makes their pads less likely to get used.

If it is vital to include graphics and text that won’t fit along the top or bottom or in the corners of the writing area, then we recommend the note cube, which provides a large imprint area on the sides and enough sheets that it will take even the most die-hard end-user some time to use enough notes to intrude upon the side images.

As with any of our promotional products, our Promotions Specialists are ready to help you with the selection and purchasing process at any and every step of the way.

Production Time

Most of the notepads available from InkHead can be produced and in hands within about 3 weeks, with many of those items available in less time than that. Be sure to use the Production Time filter to show only those products that can produced within a specific time frame, such as Less than 3 Days or Less Than 10 Days.

The key to ensuring a quick turnaround for your order is having your artwork in vector format and a valid credit card. Remember, we do not begin send your order to manufacturing until we have your final art approval, so be sure to approve your virtual proof once you’ve received it.

If your promotion requires a quicker turnaround time, not to worry. InkHead carries a selection of FREE 24 hour rush production adhesive notepads. Alternatively, you can also use the Free Rush Production filter to show only those custom adhesive notepads that can be produced within 24 hours.


Although most of our custom adhesive notepads require a minimum quantity of 500 pads, we offer several notepads with lower minimum quantities, so be sure to check the description of the item you’re considering to see the minimum quantity required. Also, most of our notepads must be ordered in certain increments, so be sure to pay attention to the quantity listing.

Ready to order some promotional adhesive notepads? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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