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Posted June 9, 2016

In order to get the highest quality print we must have the high quality artwork to start with. We need images/designs in a Vector format versus a raster format. If you have a “scanned image” it is a raster based file. Images from websites and the Internet are not only raster based files but usually only 72 DPI (dots per inch) and very low resolution, which equals low quality for printing. These files look great on your computer monitor but are not useable for printing.

If you have low resolution artwork we can convert it to a vector file for printing. In some cases, this requires processing through a vectorizing program; in other cases, it is necessary for artwork to be redrawn by hand in order to format your artwork into a high quality vector image ready for production. This process is industry-standard and not unique to InkHead.

Once the conversion is done, however, we will supply you with a download of the finished art upon request. The finished art file can be used for any future imprinting jobs you may have, whether those jobs are with InkHead or anywhere else.

Due to the variable amount of work involved in artwork conversion, we cannot determinethe turnaround time until we have received your artwork. For rush orders it is best to supply vector artwork so that your order is not delayed.

Complex Vector Conversion Example
Simple Vector Conversion Example

We’re here to answer any of your questions about converting your artwork and are available to call at 800-554-0127 or Chat with an agent now » between 9AM and 8PM ET on Monday through Friday.

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