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Top Greek Rush Week Products and Themes for Fraternities and Sororities

Discover what custom promotional products all of the frat boys and sorority chicks are buying to give their new pledges during Greek Rush Week.
From name brand apparel and personalized hats to custom koozies and personalized backpacks, here’s what all the cool kids will be sporting during this exciting fall back-to-campus event.

If you’re a product buyer for the campus bookstore or you’re the head of one of the Greek organizations at your school, you’re probably on the hunt for Greek Week themes and ideas to stock your inventory.

Team InkHead is your back-to-campus expert, with an impressive array of Greek paraphernalia, Greek designs, Greek clothes, and Greek stuff to make your students happy.

Greek Merchandise for the Campus Bookstores

Rush week is always a huge boon for campus bookstores across the country. Be sure to stock your shelves with Greek merchandise to keep those student dollars where they’ll do the most good--right there on campus.

Here’s a look at the top Greek Rush Week products for campus bookstores:

Greek Themes that Guide Custom Greek Merchandise Selections

Knowing which Greek party themes are happening these days will help you to choose the right custom Greek merchandise for your store stock. Connect with fraternity and sorority leadership for hints.

Or, you can check out InkHead’s list of top Greek party themes:
No matter what themes you choose, the combination of school spirit and custom Greek merchandise is a formula for fun and profits. Partner with InkHead Promotional Products and you’re sure to be ready for the coming semester.

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