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Customer Gift Ideas to Winterize Your Brand

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Here are 10 winter gift ideas to make your brand weatherproof.

Here are 10 winter gift ideas to make your brand weatherproof.

Winter Gifts Are a Hot Idea!

Once the holiday season is over and the New Year has begun, it’s pretty easy for winter to become the season of discontent. Sleet, slush, grey snow banks – none of it is  particularly fun and it’s worse to drive in. Thankfully, there are upsides: skiing, snowshoeing, long evenings by a crackling fire and possibly vacations to tropical climes. And believe it or not, winter can be a particularly great time of year to help spread your brand far and wide. Inkhead carries a variety of winter-ready promotional items from a number of brand names. There are a number of great products for your next giveaway event or tradeshow. Consider these ten of our favorites.

10 Winter Gift Ideas to Keep Your Brand Sizzling All Season

  1. Jackets: When you’re heading outside the face the elements, you want to make sure you’re equipped for plummeting temperatures and blizzard-quality conditions – even if you’re just walking the dog. Why not outfit your staff with custom jackets repping your company? That way, no matter where they are, they’ll be able to show their team pride.
  2. Beanies: Looking for a great tradeshow giveaway? Making promotional beanies part of your press kit is a great idea for winning over attendees, especially if you’re hosting a booth in a city that has particularly bad winters.
  3. Blankets: Sometimes winter is best weathered under a blanket in the living room, with a fire roaring in the hearth and a favorite film classic on the television. If you’re looking for the perfect inter-office corporate gift this season, personalized blankets are a great option. These also make for great carry-ons for traveling employees jet-setting around the country.
  4. Fleece: Lightweight and super warm? Soft as can be and perfect for layering? If you’re looking to set a team in your department up with some stylish threads or wanted to find a great gift to welcome aboard new talent, look no further than custom fleece jackets and tops.
  5. Coffee Mugs: Even coffee preferences change by season. Come July, we’ll all be sipping down iced lattes like nobody’s business, but for the winter months, nothing’s as soothing as a piping hot mug of coffee or tea. Promotional coffee mugs are one of the best investments a company can make.
  6. Flashlights: As anyone who takes to the roads during winter knows, it’s not the safest time of year to be driving. Remind your employees to drive carefully and keep them safe with emergency custom flashlights.
  7. Ice scrapers: No one has it worse during the winter than your car. As if ice and snow weren’t enough, all that salt on the road isn’t doing the paint job any favors. Make everyone’s lives a little easier by including promotional ice scrapers at your next giveaway.
  8. Lip balm: The dry air is murder on everyone’s lips this time of year. Order plenty of custom lip balm bearing your company logo, so everyone’s lips stay kissably soft.
  9. Hand sanitizer: Frankly, the worst that winter throws at us might be influenza. It’s never a bad idea to help your office ward off the flu with plenty of personalized hand sanitizer. These make for excellent promotional products, too, as they tend to have wide circulation – especially when handed out at trade shows!
  10. Umbrellas: Help your clients, employees and co-workers manage the seasonal transition into spring with promotional umbrellas.

Have Your Own Winter Gift Idea?

Whether or not the groundhog saw his shadow, expect that winter’s not done snowing on us yet. In the meantime, stay warm and make sure your brand is as hot as ever. What kind of products would you love to customize just in time for winter?

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