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Why are Promotional Coffee Mugs so Essential?

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Here a three reasons promotional coffee mugs are essential.

Chances are, unless you’re reading this on your tablet or phone in the middle of your morning commute, there is a coffee mug right next to you. Even on the subway or commuter train, it’s likely that some sort of travel mug isn’t far away. Alongside the dishwasher, sink and under a Keurig machine, your office desk is probably where your favorite coffee mug spends most of its time. And although you’ve got a favorite, no home – even a bachelor or bachelorette pad – is ever complete without a cabinet shelf chock full of mugs.

People treat mugs like pets or best friends – they grow used to them, enjoy their company and freak out if they break. So, it’s no surprise that custom and promotional coffee mugs are hugely successful as far as promotional items are concerned. If the plethora of mugs currently holding pens and coffee on the desks around you isn’t convincing enough, consider these three reasons.

3 Reasons Why Promotional Coffee Mugs are Essential

  • They’re hyper visual: Mugs are like blank slates, and being much larger than promotional pens or many other personalized items, can carry images well. They’re almost as good as T-shirts for this! Instead of just a brand name, organization or super-brief slogan, a mug has plenty of space on which to cleverly compose logos and images.
  • They’re handy: Not only are mugs ubiquitous, but no one ever throws them away. Think of all the random mugs you own and still use on a regular basis! This is exactly why promo mugs are so successful – Mug owners can support their favorite brand, charity or political platform.
  • 3. They hold coffee: Of course they hold coffee, you’re probably thinking. But take into account how coffee-loving Americans are. According to The Huffington Post, 31 percent of American coffee drinkers brew a cup “before any other morning behavior.” That probably includes properly waking up for many folks. The source also reports that 55 percent of coffee drinkers would sooner gain 10 extra pounds than give up coffee, and 52 percent would prefer to go without showering than ditch the java. Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee each day, which adds up to 146 billion annually (plus extra on leap years). One last stat – the U.S. imports more than $4 billion in coffee annually.

And, of course, if coffee doesn’t sell you on the importance of mugs, there are all those tea drinkers to consider, too.

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