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Why Buy “Made In USA”?


Why Buy Made In USA

“Made in USA” is a protected statement reserved for products that comply with strict U.S. federal manufacturing guidelines. It is intended to provide confidence to consumers who are looking to buy American made products, without having to worry about where the product came from or its manufacturing process.


American manufacturing has been on a decline since the 1970’s. Consumers wanted lower prices and companies realized that they could source goods from countries such as China much more cheaply than they could make them here. However times are changing. The wages in China are rising and shipping is becoming costly. American manufacturing is a key component to the structure of our changing economy. When you buy a product that has been made in the USA you save or create American jobs. You can simply think of it this way. The money that you spend on an American made product is in turn used to pay the wage of the people that are directly (or indirectly) responsible for creating your products. If each of those people then spend their money on American made products the cycle will continue in effect stimulating our economy even further and creating more American jobs. Side note, American workers pay taxes on wages earned in America, which does not happen when products come from overseas.


When a product is manufactured overseas we have less control over the stock of the item. A manufacture may not be able to fully predict how well an item is going to sell, which can lead to problems if a product suddenly becomes popular. Replenishing stock can take months, when you factor in manufacturing, shipping and processing at customs. However, when the product is manufactured on United States soil it could take 30 minutes to get to the distribution center. When a product is made in America, it can be made on demand and the turnaround time is almost nonexistent.


Everyone has concerns for product safety. There is a common belief that US made products are safer than the overseas produced products and for good reason, The United States has strict guidelines for products manufactured here. Products that have been manufactured in America are tested and inspected for safety standards set by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). Helping to protect you from dangers posed by toxins and safety hazards. Keep in mind that most of the products manufactured overseas are safe, but if you would like a completely clear conscience, buying American is the way to go. Buying American can also make the world an environmentally safer place. American manufacturers are subject to EPA regulations that help protect the land, air and water. Additionally, Made in USA products carbon footprint is smaller because the products do not have to travel as far to reach its final destination.

Ultimately you have to decide what is most important to you. A Made in USA product may cost slightly more, but to do the benefits of it being made in the USA outweigh that cost to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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