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Choosing the Right Wholesale Umbrella

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Wholesale umbrellas come in multiple styles. Make sure you select the correct one for your promotion or event.

Wholesale Umbrellas will be appreciated by both your clients and employees. Planning an outdoor event? Participating in a charity golf tournament? Custom umbrellas from InkHead will catch the attention of anyone nearby. InkHead carries several styles of umbrella, ranging from those that can be slipped into a pocketbook to large golf umbrellas, perfect for a rainy day on the course. Let’s take a look at some of your options below.

Wholesale Umbrella Styles Carried By InkHead

Classic Umbrella

As the name implies, the classic umbrella is the standard long-shafted model umbrella with a canopy arc (the diameter of the canopy adjusted for the curve) of 38 to 46 inches. The classic has a high perceived value, and InkHead has several models with both straight and curved handles. Give this wholesale umbrella to employees as tokens of appreciation, or offer them to customers to thank them for their continued patronage and support.

Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas are rising in popularity both on and off the course. With a larger canopy arc (48″ to 68″), many of these umbrellas can protect two people from the elements while boldly displaying showcasing your brand or logo. Also ideal for the beach, wholesale golf umbrellas protect your customers and expose your logo. Several models of golf umbrellas come  with vents, an extra canopy layer to divert and circulate winds up to 55 mph. Anyone who’s ever had an umbrella turn inside-out on a blustery day will appreciate this feature.

Folding Umbrella

For commuters, students, and customers on the go, folding umbrellas are indispensable. With hinged ribs under the canopy that fold in on themselves and a telescoping shaft, a full-sized folding umbrella can collapse to fit easily into a backpack or tote bag. When unfolded, each of our promotional folding umbrellas provides the same canopy arc and the same canvas for your logo as the classic variety. The convenience of this style insures that your brand or logo will go wherever your customers go.


Sometimes even a folding umbrella isn’t small enough. If you need an umbrella small enough to fit into a purse or a coat pocket, review our selection of custom mini-umbrellas. For mini-umbrellas, your brand goes on the handle or the carrying sleeve rather than on the canopy, but what is lost in imprint area is more than offset by frequency of use. Every time the weather sours, their wholesale umbrellas—and your logo—will be right at hand.

Be sure to review our Umbrellas Buying Guide for additional assistance buying custom umbrellas from 

Looking for wholesale umbrellas? Shop Umbrellas »

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