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Who is Jack Splat?


Who Is Jack Splat

Who is Jack Splat, International Mascot of Mystery? He’s seen at all the best parties, usually with a personalized koozie in hand. He travels all over the world, sometimes via freight forwarder. But underneath the unique hairstyle and behind the iconic glasses he remains a mystery. We sat down with Jack Splat to ask him a few questions.

How did you become the mascot for a promotional products company? “I ran into Chris, Jason, and Bill from Inkhead at a party, and they were looking for a new mascot. It seems their previous mascot was a bit stuffy and didn’t really fit in around the office. He was a tad Hitchcockian and ran around watermarking all of their product images. They wanted someone who could be an ambassador for the company and represent the geeky/cool, authentic vibe they had at their headquarters. They liked what i do and i liked what they do, so it was a natural fit.”

Out With The Old, In With The New

What is it like working at Inkhead? “Everybody there gets along really well. They play practical jokes on each other, bake each other birthday cakes, and support each other’s outside endeavors. There’s a great family vibe. They’re the kinda folks that help you hide the bodies – metaphorically speaking. I know they have my back, and I try to do right by them.”

What does it mean to be an International Mascot of Mystery? “It’s a responsibility, and a lifestyle. I know that when I’m in Cannes, skiing the Alps, or tailgating my alma mater, I’m always representing Inkhead. It’s my job to show up at your wedding or family reunion and make it memorable. If you need sunglasses next week, it’s on me to make sure they get there. I’m out there everyday helping Inkhead get recognized so they can help others get recognized. I promote the promoters who help you promote yourself.”

Do you hang out with other mascots? “The Dos Equis guy is pretty cool, but two beers in and he get’s all cryptic. It’s hard to carry on a conversation with him because it’s a bit one sided. The Old Spice guy was a great wingman, but then the company went in a different direction. I miss him. Wendy’s pretty cool, but she’s always talking about salads. Most of them are just repping a few things, and it makes boring small talk. Inkhead has over 20,000 products. I never run out of things to talk about.”

What’s next for Jack Splat? “I’m just getting started. I’m hoping the customers at Inkhead.com will help me travel all the way around the world. I’m really excited to see their home towns and tour their offices. I want to see where all those products go and what they can do for the folks that use them. With the new #wheresjacksplat campaign you’ll be able to see those things with me. It’s a big, bold world out there, and I wanna see it all.”

See where Jack Splat turns up next at our Wheres Jack Splat page. if you have questions for Jack, leave them in the comments. we’ll get answers the next time he checks in via sat phone. inkhead is excited about our partnership with Jack and we hope you love him as much as we do!

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