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What Promotional Products Are Right for Your Restaurant?

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What Promotional Products Are Right for Your Restaurant?

Working in the restaurant industry is no picnic, and running your own cafe, bistro or upscale eatery can be even more of a challenge. With new establishments coming and going every year, it takes a real understanding of the hospitality industry as well as the ability to connect with a dedicated customer base for a restaurant to survive more than a year or two.


So how can you give your business an edge over the local competition? Well, creating a delicious menu, offering a unique atmosphere and hiring friendly and hardworking staff members is certainly a good start – but is it enough? If you’re looking for that little something extra to keep foodies coming back every week, you might want to think about purchasing custom promotional products for your restaurant. Here are a few promotional items that are sure to generate some goodwill for your business.


Beer glasses

When you’re the owner of a restaurant with a bar, you can expect that the occasional customer might take a liking to his or her beer glass and try to walk out the front door with it. Instead of discouraging this behavior, you might want to make it a staple of your business with free glassware for first-time visitors. You can purchase unique beer glasses that have your restaurant’s name and logo on them and offer them to diners as an incentive to stop by for dinner.

Table lighters

Offering free matchboxes isn’t a bad idea, but you can take this line of thinking one step further by giving out free table lighters to customers. This is perfect for a restaurant or bar with a lounge aesthetic or theme where people occasionally like to enjoy a quick puff from a pipe or cigar. Consider offering the classic flip-open style lighters or opting for something more original – you can bet your customers will enjoy leaving with a quality lighter at the end of the night.

Wall decorations

If your restaurant is noted for it’s vast array of vintage decor on the walls, you might want to think about offering some of these pieces to customers as part of a promotional contest. Whether it’s a neon vacancy sign, an antique pendulum clock or classic concert poster, consider these as prizes for frequent customers who visit your restaurant 10 times or spend a certain amount of money on dinners.

Looking for restaurant promotional items? Shop Restaurant Items Now »

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