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What Nurses Appreciation Week Means To Me


Happy Nurses Week - What Nurses Appreciation Week Means To Me

Most people have been in a hospital or known someone who has been in the hospital at some point. I have two boys, ages 9 and 10, who have given me my fair share of medical scares over the years. We have had multiple ambulance rides, stitches, broken/dislocated bones, and the worst accident – a cracked pancreas. From my experiences the one consistent thing you see at all hospitals are nurses. They are the ones who get stuff done, the ones who keep you calm while explaining the situation you find yourself in, and the ones who advocate for you or your loved one’s personal care. The thought of all that they do is daunting. For example, many hospital patients require more than a dozen different daily medications at various hours and in multiple forms. Doctors may put in the orders for a patient’s treatment but it is the nurses who get it done. It makes my head hurt to think about it. One wrong medication to the wrong patient and it could mean life or death. I don’t know about you but making a mistake at my job has never meant life or death. It is a lot to deal with, which is why we should set aside time to give a big thank you to all who serve in this profession.

Nurse Appreciation Week is celebrated every year. It begins on May 6th, National Nurses Day, and ends May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s Birthday. Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing. Most hospitals or medical clinics take this time to celebrate their nursing staff be it with a banquet or recognition dinner, state and city proclamations, continuing education seminars, or any number of other community events. Nurse are typically honored with gifts, dinners and flowers from coworkers such as doctors and administrators, or possibly patients who want to show their appreciation. Take a moment to thank the men and women who see you at your worst with some of our favorite gift ideas.

Syringe Pen II

Syringe Pen II

This pen is a fun gift for anyone in the medical profession. It is filled with a colorful liquid to resemble medication, blood or whatever


22 oz Medical Mug

22 oz. Medical Mug

This mug is great for that special nurse. Who wouldn’t want 22oz. of caffeine to help them stay awake during those long shifts? Filling this mug with coffee for your favorite nurse is also a great idea.


Nurse Rubber Duck

Nurse Rubber Duck

Everybody loves a nurse and this nurse rubber duck is no exception. Fun and useful to deliver a message to doctors, patients, pharmacists or anyone in the medical field.


3 Section Lunch Container

3-Section Lunch Container

In my experience nurses don’t have a whole lot of time to eat. Any nurse with this item will be able to securely keep his or her lunch in the fridge ready for snacking at any time.


Stethescope Light

Stethoscope Light

Unique design with innovative clasp that fits around bell of stethoscope. Useful gift for nurses, doctors and healthcare workers. This is a gift that a nurse will actually use on a daily basis.

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