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What Goes With Orange Shoes?


My son runs on his high-school cross-country team, doing at least three miles every day, so the beginning of the school year also always means a new pair of trail-running shoes. The other night my wife took him shoe-shopping and what they pulled out of the shoebox was heart-stopping. His new shoes are traffic-cone orange. Bright traffic-cone orange, with reflective strips along the back and sides. I don’t know how much running he’ll be called on to do at night, or during an eclipse, but you won’t be able to miss him. I think the shoes might be strategic, to distract the other runners with their sheer garish hideousness while he zips on past them to victory.

Whatever works. The thing is, now that the kids are back in school it’s a good time to start thinking about School Spirit Items. Football season is about to start, of course, but it’s not going to be too long before basketball, soccer, and baseball are under way, not to mention track and gymnastics and wrestling throughout the year. Local sports are a terrific way for small businesses to support schools and the community while growing their customer base, and for school organizations to raise funds while showing their spirit. Every sport needs boosters, and boosters can maximize their boosting potential with promotional items from InkHead. Here are a few ideas:

Promotional MagnetsThese days I live in a college town where sports are everywhere, but I grew up in a small Florida town where high-school football was king (Go Raiders!). Then and now, one of the indispensable items around the house has always been the Promotional Magnet on the refrigerator with the game schedule on it. It’s one of the first things I look for every August (football), December (basketball), and February (baseball) and consult every time I’m in my kitchen. It’s also worthwhile to look into Promotional Car Magnets, which are a great way for fans to show their booster spirit on the road without jeopardizing their paint jobs.

Promotional Pennants

I’m a particular fan of Custom Pennants, which always look good at games and hanging on the wall. Just ask my wife, whose Detroit Tigers pennant comes down only over her dead body. Pennants and, more recently, promotional car flags have proven incredibly popular among fans and are pretty inexpensive to produce. One thing to keep in mind, though – when ordering promotional pennants, the stick is optional, so if you want your flags for waving, remember to order sticks.

Another spirit item that never goes out of style are Promotional Pom-Poms, which we offer in virtually any combination to go with your school’s colors. Our pom poms come in four styles of handle:

Promotional Pom Poms

  • a solid-handle pom, which offers a nice big imprint area;
  • a coupon-handle pom, which comes with a pop-out disk you can imprint with a coupon or special offer;
  • a rooter-handle pom, with a long handle for imprinting (it looks a bit like a duster); and
  • a klicker-handle pom, which has a click noisemaker in the handle, good for distracting the opposing team or making sure your end-user gets plenty of room around him in the stands.

The possibilities for promotional spirit items as giveaways or fundraisers are endless: Custom Stadium Cups for the stands or tailgating, Spirit Towels for waving or cleaning up after spilled stadium cups, Promotional Jackets, which are always in demand, and of course the gigantic foam finger, which will definitely make an impression. Maybe not as big an impression as bright orange shoes, but there’ll be no doubt you’re a booster.

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