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What Are the Best Promotional Items to Offer for Halloween?


What Are the Best Promotional Items to Offer for Halloween?

Halloween is only a week away! As one of the most popular holidays in America for both kids and adults alike, now is the time to dust off those old boxes of decorations and deck out your business in cobwebs, spiders, boiling cauldrons and black cats in time for All Hallows’ Eve. Not only is this a great way to create a fun work environment for your staff members, but chances are you’ll attract a few new customers who want to check out your Halloween layout.

But spooky decorations aren’t the only way to get into the holiday spirit as October 31 draws nearer. In fact, offering Halloween-themed promotional products is sure to impress your existing customer base and keep them coming back for more. So as the kids make their final costume arrangements, and parents finish stocking up on candy, here are a few custom promotional products to consider for your business.

Candy bags

Plenty of children will be rummaging around for extra pillowcases to take with them while they trick-or-treat around the neighborhood, but you can give them even more stylish candy holders with promotional tote bags. Look into designs that feature orange and black color schemes. Adding a print of a witch flying on a broom, an eerie ghost or glowing jack-o’-lantern will also boost the Halloween appeal of these bags. With sturdy construction materials, these totes will allow youngsters to pile up as much candy as possible without worrying about it spilling into the streets.

Halloween treats

Chances are, not many people are going to stop by your business on Halloween night in search of candy, but that doesn’t mean you have to totally skip out on the trick-or-treating fun. In the days leading up to the big night, consider putting out a variety of Halloween treats for children and their families to enjoy. Whether it’s a stack of freshly baked cookies with black and orange candies, a pile of chocolate bars or caramel-dipped apples, these delicious goodies will be much appreciated by your customers.

Glowing costume accents

Considering that children will be wandering the neighborhood in search of candy after the sun has gone down, a big part of Halloween safety is making sure kids are visible on the streets. Because of this, you might want to offer families a variety of illuminating costume accents to help children stand out while trick-or-treating. Items like glow sticks, glowing wrist bands and small Halloween-themed flashlights are all great ways to help kids have a safe and fun night.

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