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20 Practical Tips to Welcome a New Employee


An employee’s first days on the job create an impression that will define the rest of his or her time there—hence the importance to welcome new employees in an effective, organized fashion.

When your company hires a new employee, what happens? Is there a defined process, or is each new hire a new adventure? How could you better welcome a new employeeto the company?

Here are 20 tips from InkHead.comto make a new employee feel welcome.

  1. Prepare current employees. Debrief employees so they know to lead by example during the new employee’s integration into the company.
  2. Include a welcome letter. A letter from the CEO, president or another ranking executive will make the new hire feel special and underscore his or her importance to the company’s success.
  3. Don’t forget the corporate apparel. Welcome the new person to the team by providing the uniform, such as a custom polo shirt.
  4. Send a welcome wagon. Prevent a new employee from feeling isolated or overwhelmed by having a group of employees welcome him or her with snacks and salutations.
  5. Provide a map of the area. Often, new employees are new to the area as well. Make sure they know how to get around.
  6. Go out to lunch. Expedite new employee integration by having different departments take the new hire to lunch during his or her first week. This will show the new employee how each department of the company works together.
  7. Be ready to translate. Define any company- or industry-specific terms that may be foreign to the new hire. While you don’t want to assume ignorance, you shouldn’t assume expertise, either.
  8. Make a list of go-to people. Make sure a new employee knows on whom to call when assistance is needed.
  9. Plan the first week. If possible, map out the entire first week for a new hire. This is especially useful if the training and integration period is lengthy or rigorous.
  10. Explain the company mission statement. Welcome a new employee by making sure he or she understands the corporate culture. Taking a moment to review the company’s mission statement or handbook will clarify a new hire’s top responsibilities.
  11. Introduce the new employee. Take the time to introduce new employees to others around the office. If you have an internal directory, make sure to give new employees access as soon as possible.
  12. Mentor new hires. This will help new employees learn the corporate culture and feel included early on.
  13. Prepare their work station. Don’t make a poor first impression by not being ready for a new hire’s arrival. Make sure the computer, company email, and workspace are ready before the new employee comes.
  14. Give new employees a full tour of the office. Don’t just show the new hire to his or her cubicle or office and leave. Walk him or her around the office, noting important landmarks, such as bathrooms and break rooms.
  15. Welcome new employees with a small gift. Make new hires feel special and give them something they will frequently use at the new job, such as a promotional coffee mug.
  16. Prepare the paperwork. Your new employee welcome kit should include all the forms a new hire will need to complete. This will streamline the first-day paperwork and allow the new hire to focus on learning the ins and outs of the job.
  17. Don’t leave the employee to fend for themselves. After the HR forms in the new hire welcome kit are completed, don’t just assume an employee will be ready to dive in. Make sure he or she knows what to do.
  18. Have small tasks ready for the first day. Start small so as not to overwhelm the new employee, but give him or her something to do every day.
  19. Check in at the end of the day. For the first couple weeks, stop by the new employee’s desk to see how he or she is adjusting. Make sure to address any questions or concerns.
  20. Set and manage your expectations for the new employee from day one. Let new employees know exactly what you expect of them from the get-go. 

The Bottom Line

Welcome a new employee to the company by following these 20 tips, and he or she will start the job with the right attitude. By welcoming a new team member properly, you will ensure a long and prosperous partnership.

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