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We All Benefit from American-Made Promotional Products


We All Benefit From American-Made Promotional Products

The presidential election is right around the corner, and a hot-button topic for both candidates is bringing jobs back to the U.S. The current economic slump has left a lot of people out of work, and with businesses moving manufacturing jobs overseas, it seems that many industries are disappearing in America. However, there’s a ray of sunshine where custom promotional products are concerned, particularly apparel.


According to Wearables Magazine, there has actually been a return of foreign apparel manufacturing jobs to U.S. shores in recent years. Since 2010, approximately 532,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created in the country. Additionally, the industry is returning to the peak efficiency levels that it reached between the years 2000 through 2007. And while the majority of apparel manufacturing jobs still reside in countries like China, this is still positive news for American workers.


“Overall, in the industry, there’s a lot more optimism than there has been,” Mike Hubbard, vice president of the National Council of Textile Organizations to the source. “The industry has been through alot. It has retooled to be competitive in the global market.”


If you’re considering purchasing promotional products for your business like hats, shirts or jackets, here are some of the reasons you should buy from an American company.


Quality of work

Simply put, America holds it’s manufacturing industry to higher standards than can be found in some markets around the world. Because of this, the items you purchase will be of a higher quality and construction that you might find elsewhere. Whether you’re in need of sweatshirts or custom pens, you can bet you’re getting the very best from an American supplier.


Job creation

Many people around the country are hurting right now, and much of that pain is caused by a lack of professional opportunities. Not only are manufacturing jobs transitioning to overseas workers, but Americans are finding it difficult to restart their careers in new industries due to economic constraints. By spending your money at home with American companies, you’ll be doing your part to help keep U.S. employees working.


Economic concerns

Beyond the need for steady employment for American workers, the U.S. economy as a whole has been struggling in recent years. Throwing your support behind domestic businesses means you’ll be pumping much-needed cash back into the American marketplace, which will keep apparel manufacturers running.

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