Don’t Miss These 10 Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Business


Looking for inexpensive ways to advertise your business?

Looking for inexpensive ways to advertise your business?

Advertising is expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put our heads together and compiled ten effective and inexpensive ways to advertise your business. Now you can break out without breaking the bank! Consider these ten tips to get started.

10 Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Business

  1. Hand out promotional pens: Personalized pens are a success story unto themselves. Take a moment to fish through your desk drawer or sort through the writing utensils you keep at home and chances are you have a handful of custom pens in your collection – perhaps from hotels, banks, restaurants or a variety of other places. These products travel far and draw attention, making them an excellent advertising tool.
  2. Include custom notepads: One of the best places for personalized pens is a press kit, especially if you’re headed to a trade show or similar event. In need of the perfectly priced companion to a few pens? You can’t go wrong with custom notepads.
  3. Host a fundraiser: As the old saying goes, you often have to spend money to make money. But why not make sure that the money you spend goes to a good cause. By hosting a charity fundraiser or other event, you can help raise awareness for your brand while also doing good in the community!
  4. Supply giveaway items: Whether at your own fundraiser or another event, why not take the opportunity to spread word of your business through a few promotional products. While custom pens and notepads might not make for great grand prizes – as far as free giveaways go, no one will turn them down.
  5. Offer promotional keychains: If you’re looking for some free promotional ideas, think of what kind of items most folks use on a regular basis and can’t go without. Having covered pens and paper already, why not try car keys? Promotional keychains could be a perfect giveaway accessory.
  6. Provide custom coffee mugsUsing the same logic above, consider one more thing we’re all dependent on: a morning cup of coffee or tea! This investment can’t go wrong. If there’s one thing you want potential customers to associate you with, it’s their life-saving morning cup of java.
  7. Sponsor a 5K: You’ve probably seen your share of athletes wearing old race T-shirts. Since it’s usually local businesses that sponsor and support these events, just a few gestures on your part could bring in a lot of attention. Consider how custom bottled water bearing your brand logo could spread the word!
  8. Know your locale and clientele: One of the keys to being successful as a local business – small or large – is knowing your clientele as well as the area culture, generally. For instance, if you’re in a college town or city neighborhood, the vibe is going to be considerably different than a rural or suburban region. A college town coffee shop or boutique is going to want to cater to students and might even benefit from a few flyers thrown up in campus mail rooms or dining halls.
  9. Advertise online: Many companies are finding that advertising on the internet is a cheap and efficient way to get word out there – especially if yours is a business that works long distance. From Facebook to Google and everything in between, check out what your options are for digital advertising.
  10. Create word of mouth: As any business can tell you, there are endless tricks to getting your name out there and building a reputation, but the best model doesn’t require tricks at all – it’s simply a matter of supplying great quality. Whatever you do, do it well and with a little help, results will follow.

What other inexpensive ways to advertise your business have you used?

Have any more tips for us to include? How have you managed to spread your brand at a minimum cost? Tell us about it by leaving a comment in the box below!

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