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6 uses for a promotional notepad

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Six uses for a promotional notepad

Legal pads, post-its, college ruled, blank, bound, spiral, shaped, cubed, marble covered and even pocket-sized. When we're writing things out – perhaps with personalized pens – we tend to use notebooks and notepads, even in this age of digital everything else. But what do we use notepads for? Besides the obvious (taking notes), notepads can also be used for promotional purposes. Promo notepads can help anyone get their message out to the world. But of course, this doesn't interfere with a notepad's primary function of being something you write on. So you've got a bunch of promotional notepads – what do you do next? Consider these six suggestions.

6 Ways to Use a Promotional Notepad

  1. Spread awareness: If you've got a promo pad for something you're particularly passionate about, why not take all those papers and use them to spread awareness further? This can be the perfect way to get word around about a brand or charity you believe in.
  2. Mark your place in a book: James Patterson or James Joyce, whoever you prefer, chances are you don't make your whole way through a book in one sitting. So when you need to mark your place, instead of forever tarnishing a page with dog-earing, why not grab a sheet off your notepad?
  3. Claim food in the fridge: Got an adhesive edge on your notepad? Got a sandwich you're saving for tomorrow's lunch? Don't take any chances. Secure it.
  4. Origami: You've probably been intending to take up this ancient art of paper folding for years, and with plenty of advice and help on the internet and that stylish looking promotional notepad right next to it, there's nothing standing in your way.
  5. Plan a novel: It will take you many tiny slips of paper to complete, but considering your average notepad has hundreds to spare, that shouldn't be a problem. Looking for a great first line? Unfortunately, "Call me Ishmael" is already taken.
  6. Leave a love note: It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to let that special someone in your life know how you feel. Nothing cheers us up more than a simple love note. Whether it's a quick doodle of a heart or just those three classic words, there's probably not sweeter way to use a sheet of your promo notepad.

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