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What’s in a WiFi Network Name?


Unique WiFi Network Names

A month or so ago, I installed a new wireless router at my apartment, which meant that I had the opportunity to create a new SSID for the wireless network. In the past, people with a Wireless Network Finder have been able to connect to wireless area networks (WANs) such as “Mikeynet” and “ThaInterwebzzz” when visiting me. After much deliberation, I finally went with a name that had special meaning to the apartment’s residents: “Mezcal.”

Wireless Network Finder

If only this recent Mashable article had been published sooner! Could you imagine running a scan of your local wireless networks with a custom wireless network finder and finding networks with names like “GET OFF MY LAN” or “Police Surveillance Van 2” in your search? How would you react? What are some of the funniest WAN names you’ve seen?

Instead of going the humorous route, this Lifehacker post recommends that you name your network something ominous (such as “C:\virus.exe”) to discourage your neighbors from leeching your connection after locating it with their customized wireless network finder. While I think naming your WAN such an alarmist name may attract unwanted attention from some nosy neighbors, there is no denying that most people would simply look for another network instead of risking connecting to one called “C:\virus.exe.”

The Bottom Line

While most people name their wireless area networks something simple such as their last name or stick with whatever default name the router provides, some people like to mix it up and think outside the box.

Do the same with your next marketing campaign by purchasing a unique promotional gift such as Wireless Network Finders customized with your company logo. With tradeshow booths inundated with logo pens and the occasional custom sticker or button, such a giveaway will help your company or business stand out against the rest of the competition—just like the wireless network named “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your WiFi.”

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