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Try a Wellness Challenge to Reduce Your Bottom Line


Try a wellness challenge to reduce your bottom line

It makes sense that healthy workers would take less sick leave and be more productive than unhealthy workers. The effect that employee health and wellness programs can have on a company’s bottom line is staggering. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company conducted a study of employers that showed 76% thought employee health and wellness programs improved worker productivity and 72% saw reduction in medical costs. While a study conducted at Harvard in 2010 showed that for every dollar spent on wellness programs medical costs fell $3.72 and absentee costs fell by $2.73.

Maybe you’re already convinced that a health initiative is exactly what your workplace needs. How do you go about implementing a program of your own?

  1. Make it as easy for participants as possible. Lay out healthy eating and exercise strategies and back them up with literature. Consider launching the program with a wellness-themed gift like a salad shaker or resistance band. Giving people the tools they need makes the challenge seem achievable.
  1. Make it fun. Many workplaces institute a “Biggest Loser”-type This can be a great strategy if your office thrives on competition; however, trying to change a lifetime of bad habits is challenge enough, and sometimes competition tempts participants to make bad decisions for a quick loss on the scale. Make the challenge about teamwork and support. You’re all stronger if you all make it across the finish line, and you’ll all benefit from lower health care costs.
  2. Make it worthwhile.  Have a prize for everyone who completes the challenge. Giving a non-food reward helps give participants something to look forward to and becomes a badge of honor when the challenge is over. We should all want to change for our health alone, but if that were enough we’d be in peak physical shape already. Make the prize something worth giving up donuts for, and it won’t be so hard to pass them by.

March is National Nutrition Month, so InkHead decided it was the perfect time to have our own Healthy Eating Challenge. We chose four possible month long nutritional changes: no added or refined sugar, eat five servings of fruits and veggies daily, no alcohol, or no caffeine or soda. Each person chose which change they wanted to make. We created a large board so everyone could track their progress. Each person that makes it all the way through the month can choose from a selection of active outerwear or quality gym bags. We’ll post our progress throughout the month on our Facebook page, so feel free to follow along! Maybe next time an Exercise Challenge…



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