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Trend Watch: Belts and Other Promotional Accessories for Your Business


Keeping up with the latest and greatest trends is an important part of offering custom promotional products. Sure, certain items like personalized pens or custom water bottles aren’t likely to go out of style anytime soon, but it never hurts to be informed about what products are really making waves out there.


Most recently, Wearables Magazine reported that belts are quickly becoming a popular choice in the realm of promotional products for businesses. This surge in customer attention goes for unique belt buckle designs as well.


“Belts aren’t just something to hold your pants up anymore,” Nancy Robitaille, apparel and headwear designer at Fersten Worldwide Inc. told the source. “There are many types of belts available now – skinny or wide, ribbon straps with metal loops or rubber, bright colors or tonal colors, and so on.”


In addition to promotional belts, here are a few other apparel accessories you might want to consider for your business.


Sunglasses might seem like an accessory meant for warm summer days spent at the beach, but there’s plenty of sunshine in the winter too (even if it is 12 degrees outside). Just about everyone loves to have a spare pair of shades around to shield their eyes from the sun, so consider making these promotional products a regular part of your rotation. When customers reach for a pair of sunglasses while driving in the car or going for a walk, your company’s logo will be there there with them.



They might seem like no big deal, but you would be surprised at how quickly some people collect rubber wristbands to incorporate into their wardrobes. Even better, these tiny promotional items are inexpensive and easy to distribute to a large number of potential customers. Consider picking up an assortment of wristbands in all different colors like yellow, blue, green, red, pink and purple so that people can mix and match.



With the exception of people who are fully committed to the sandal lifestyle, many people find themselves scrambling for a decent pair of sandals when they need them most – usually on a trip to the beach, pool or just relaxing outside in the warm sunshine. So for those times when it’s just too hot for a pair of sneakers, consider offering promotional sandals to your customers. They might only be used on occasion, but you can bet people will be thankful they don’t have to walk across a hot sandy beach with nothing but bare feet.

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