6 Summer Trade Show Gifts That Leave an Impression

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Trade shows are an essential part of any industry. They help you get your services out there, but they are also a great way to build your company brand. It may take time and effort, but given the right attitude and the right market, you can succeed. If you need a little nudge, promotional items may be able to help.

If there’s one place where promotional supplies from pens to shirts can really shine, it’s at a trade show. Visitors and other businesses are going to be in sensory overload as they walk from booth to booth, so you should concentrate on leaving a lasting impression. And sometimes a press kit or promotional freebie is the best way to do that. This way, when that visitor returns to his or her hotel room, he or she has a pen, calendar, magnet or other item with your company name, Web address and phone number on it.

Curious what the top products you’ll want along with you are?

Consider these six bestsellers that are ideal for trade shows:

1. Pens. Hands down, custom pens are one of the best investments you can make in your company – trade show or not. Just think about how widely pens travel and how useful they are – people may throw out a brochure or even a business card, but they don’t toss out a perfectly good pen. By putting your brand on a promotional pen, you’ve found an affordable, stylish way to spread word of your company near and far.

What makes pens perfect for trade shows in particular? People are going to be doing a lot of note-taking, jotting and writing. When you can provide them the resources they need to do that, they’re sure to be thankful. And that pen will be by their side throughout the entire event, if not for the coming year. Best of all – even if they misplace it or leave it behind, someone else is likely to snatch it up. That’s exactly how promotional pens for banks or hotels seem to find their way everywhere!

2. Notepads. The ideal accompaniment for a pen, promotional notepads are a surefire way to ingratiate yourself with trade show attendees. And with your company logo, name and website at the top of each page, it’s a great way to make yourself known. Plus, full-color notepads can be stylish office accessories, so this isn’t a trade show-only investment. Stock your whole office with them and hand some out to new hires.

3. Magnets. It can be easy to write off promotional magnets, until you consider the industry you’re working in. Chances are, if you’re a business-to-business company, there’s a refrigerator somewhere in your potential clients’ offices, and it’s probably in need of magnets. Besides fridges and filing cabinets, there are bound to be other magnetic surfaces that these promotional items are sure to stick to. The same goes for companies that service individuals. When something’s wrong with the plumbing or a homeowner needs an energy audit, he or she will turn to the magnet on the fridge for the number of the local service provider.

4. Flash drives. CDs are on their way out as digital storage devices, but the cloud has yet to become ubiquitous. One thing that remains efficient and inexpensive, however, are flash drives. Custom flash drives are a cool techie giveaway that’s tough for trade show attendees to turn down. Plus, you can pre-load it with handy information about your company, from high-res photos to testimonials! This is the ultimate press kit feature.

5. Lanyards. Look around any trade show and you are going to see a lot of lanyards. Why not offer visitors a more stylish option by investing in your own personalized lanyards? These are a fun way to say “Thanks for stopping by!” You can also outfit your team with them to help differentiate your booth from all of the others at the event.

6. Polos. Trade shows involve too much walking for formal wear, but personalized tees aren’t going to cut it either. Instead, look into what promotional polo shirts can do for your team of trade show employees. They’ll look good and rep your company with pride.

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