Advertising Specialty Institute on the top five promotional product categories for 2012


The website for the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) makes its point abundantly clear – advertising matters. From print to televised media and the plethora of online marketing offers, advertising is a cornerstone of business – if not THE cornerstone. And some of the most marketable of advertising niches are promotional products. Known as "specialties" in some circles – and thus the ASI's name – the source says that these promotional and personalized items make up an almost $18 billion dollars industry. Just think – when was the last time you worked for an employer and didn't receive a complimentary company custom mug, t-shirt or assortment of personalized pens? All of these items are just as effective as and far
more viral than other traditional forms of advertising. It's a huge opportunity for everything from charities to political campaigns to get the word out about their causes, platforms or plain old name!

The Top 5 Promotional Product Categorgies for 2012

So what does ASI target as being the top five promotional products sold by distributors?

  1. Custom T-Shirts: It won't surprise anyone to find that the most popular of all promotional products turns out to be shirts. Not only are these ideal for graphics, they're double sided and highly visible. Giving out shirts also allow recipients – be they clients, supporters or employees – to align themselves with something.
  2. Promotional Bags: Bags are just as conducive to graphics as shirts, but have a trendy bonus. With green and eco-friendly thinking in full swing, more people are utilizing promotional tote bags than ever before – especially when headed to the grocery store! Can you think of a better environment for your ad?
  3. Custom Writing instruments: While not as handy for graphics, nothing makes the rounds like a promotional pen or pencil. As a regularly used instrument that the entire U.S. relies on daily, pens are a surefire way to spread your message far and wide – while being handy to folks along the way.
  4. Other custom wearables: Shirts not doing enough for your company? From wristbands to sweatshirts, there are a whole variety of other options out there.
  5. Custom Caps: Ball caps have long been a key way for an individual to align themselves with a favorite team, so why not give your employees or supporters the option to show off their team pride in your company or cause?

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