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The Top 24 Funny Christmas sayings to put on t-shirts or stickers

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funniest christmas sayings

InkHead brings you a list of the 24 funniest Christmas sayings.

Funny Christmas sayings are just as much a part of the holiday season as are shopping and gift-giving. That’s why InkHead Promotional Products has put together the Top 24 Christmas sayings to put on t-shirts or stickers. Use them for your custom holiday outfit, or pass them along your social networks to friends you know need a good laugh.

Funny Christmas sayings on t-shirts and stickers rock!

We found these jewels from all corners of the Internet and beyond, compiling them into one huge list for your viewing pleasure and for convenient sharing.

  1. Gangster Wrapper
  2. Be Naughty: Save Santa the Trip!
  3. Christmas Calories Don’t Count!
  4. I’ve been bad, so what?
  5. Dear Santa, Define Good, Please!
  6. Is that a candy cane in your pocket?
  7. I like to give homemade gifts. Which kid do you want?
  8. I don’t have to be good…I’m cute!
  9. Bah, Humbug!
  10. Only Accountants know the true meaning of Christmas!
  11. You have been naughty, So here’s the scoop, All you get, Is a snowman’s poop.
  12. Santa thinks I’ve been good!
  13. One lump or two?
  14. Elves made me do it!
  15. Kiss my festivus!
  16. I believe in coal!
  17. Frosty hates global warming!
  18. Dear Sants, I can explain…
  19. Dear Santa, Does goodish count?
  20. Sweet & Twisted
  21. Dear Santa, All I want is your naughty boy list!
  22. Can I Get a Picture of You To Show Santa What I Want For Christmas?
  23. Keep Calm & Merry On
  24. Who needs credit cards? When you have Santa Claus!

And these are just the ones that were fit to print. There is an entire range of funny Christmas sayings that are decidedly more racy–parental guidance is recommended.

InkHead has the best Christmas sayings!

Get in on the Christmas sayings competitions in your office or neighborhood. These make perfect Thanksgiving shopping outfits for the malls. Or, buy a batch of t-shirts with funny Christmas sayings to pass out to your employees. Team InkHead has low prices and virtually unlimited customization options.

You can get your favorite funny Christmas sayings on custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, and stickers. Check out our holiday promotional apparel and products to create your own snarky Christmas gift for customers, employees or company parties.

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