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Top 10 Promotional Products Every Blood Drive Needs


Top 10 Promotional Products Every Blood Drive Needs

Every January is National Blood Donor Month. Each year we are contacted by many companies running Blood Drives to assist with promotional products that are both useful and help spread the word to donate. We sat down and came up with a list of 10 promotional items we feel are essential to every blood drive.

  1. Stress Relievers – A great tool to help get the blood flowing when the donor is in the chair are stress relievers.

  2. Stickers – Donors like to show off that they donated. The easiest way to do this is to hand out stickers. They are an inexpensive and temporary way to help bring more people to your donation site.

  3. Lollipops – A donor needs to keep their blood sugar up, so a great way to insure this is to hand out lollipops. Who doesn’t want a lollipop?

  4. Reusable Totes – Grocery totes are an ecofriendly way to hold all of your flyers, brochures and other goodies for the donors to take home. The bag will be reused so your logo will be seen wherever the bag goes (grocery stores, farmers markets, book stores, etc).

  5. Plastic Bags – Many blood drives use plastic die cut bags because they are more cost effective than the reusable totes (biodegradable options or recycled options available).

  6. T-shirts – Everyone loves a free t-shirt! Why not have a mini billboard with your logo walking around for years to come?

  7. First Aid Kits – A first aid kit is a giveaway that most people will use and be thankful they have when they are in a tight spot and need to take care of an injury. Choose smaller kits so they will fit in purses, glove compartments, etc.

  8. Hot/Cold Pack – A queasy donor is an unhappy donor. Make sure they feel better by cooling them off with the aqua bead gel therapy pack. Microwave and freezer safe. Instructions printed on item. Reusable, pliable and non-toxic.

  9. Hand Sanitizer – Nobody likes dirty hands, why not give out hand sanitizer to help reduce the spread of germs.

  10. Bottled Water – a hydrated donor is a happy donor. Make sure your donors have plenty of H2O with your own branded bottled water.

Now that you have the promotional products needed for your blood drive make sure that each donor comes prepared. The Red Cross says that a donor should stay hydrated, dress in comfortable clothes, maintain healthy iron levels prior to donating, bring a list of medication they are taking, and a form of identification. It may also help to calm the nerves if you come with a group of friends.

When the donor arrives there are usually four steps to the donation process; registration, health history and a mini physical, the donation, and then refreshments. Once they have treated themselves to the refreshments they can leave after 10-15 minutes to continue most normal daily activities. Make sure they leave knowing they need to stay hydrated throughout the rest of the day and that they avoid heavy lifting or exercise.

These donation are meant to help save lives and each donation counts. If you do not want to host a blood drive, find one that is local to you and make the time to save a life. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to host a blood drive and donate blood.

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