Time for the Masters!


Time for the Masters

The Masters Tournament

The first major golf tournament of the season, the Masters officially got under way yesterday at Augusta National. Even though it’s the first major of the season, many players and spectators consider the Masters to be the “grandaddy of them all,” viewing it as the most important tournament.

Due to the Masters’ storied history and stature as arguably the biggest golf tournament of the season, it’s next to impossible to get tickets to the actual tournament. Even tickets to the practice rounds sell out years in advance. That said, for the first time in several years, a limited number of tickets have been made available for the 2012 tournament—but I have heard that the wait-list for tickets goes on for scrolls, so who knows how many people signing up today would get tickets for next year’s tournament.

Custom Golf Products from InkHead

If you can’t offer your client tickets to the Masters tournament, one of the following Custom Promotional Golf Products from InkHead would make a wonderful gift. While InkHead offers all sorts of golf products—ranging from ball markers to golf pencils—today I wanted to discuss specifically InkHead’s selection of custom golf bags, promotional golf gloves, and personalized golf balls.

Personalized Golf BagsCustom Golf Bags

One of the first things a golfer at any level needs is a golf bag. InkHead has several Customized Golf Bags to choose from, including some from premier bag maker OGIO. Among the many custom OGIO golf bags available from InkHead, the OGIO Grom II Stand Bag (pictured right) is a cut above the rest.

Featuring several pockets, a ball silo (three-ball dispenser), a walking-accessible water bottle holster, and countless other features, the Grom II will satisfy the needs of even the most diehard golfers.

Suppose you have clients on the fence about going forward with your company. A promotional golf bag from InkHead would go a long way in convincing them that you want their business. Alternatively, you could use the golf bags as top-tier raffle prizes or giveaways at your next corporate outing or fundraising event. No matter how you choose to use the bags, your recipients are sure to appreciate the wonderful gift.

Promotional Golf GlovesCustom Golf Gloves

As any golfer can tell you, the first time you forget your golf gloves is the last time you forget your golf gloves. Simply put, golf gloves are absolutely vital for golfers to play comfortably all 18 holes. InkHead carries Personalized Promotional Golf Gloves from some of the game’s biggest brands, like Wilson, Callaway, and Nike.

For instance, the Callaway gloves pictured here are made from fine cabretta leather with a durable synthetic fabric for exceptional grip and feel. And thanks to the new Vent Flex 2-way knit fabric, the gloves provide superior ventilation and flexibility, so hands will stay cool, dry, and most importantly, blister-free.

A pair of customized golf gloves would make a lovely thank-you gift to a new client or token of gratitude for a moderate donation to a fundraising campaign. After you’ve entertained a customer on the golf course, send him or her a pair of golf gloves customized with your company’s logo as a small gesture of appreciation that is sure to impress.

Customized Golf BallsCustom Golf Balls

If you’re wary of buying a customer a customized golf bag or a pair of promotional golf gloves, then go with the always-appreciated box of Logo Golf Balls from InkHead. As with the rest of our golf products, InkHead’s selection of golf balls includes many of the sport’s biggest names, such as Callaway, Nike, and Titleist.

Buying custom golf balls can sometimes be a confusing, overwhelming experience. Should you find yourself flummoxed when perusing our collection of golf balls, refer to our Personalized Golf Balls Buying Guide for further assistance or call us directly at 800-544-0127 anytime between 9 AM and 8 PM ET Monday through Friday. One of our talented Promotions Specialists can make recommendations based on your budget and answer any questions you may have.

Personalized Golf TeesPersonalized Golf Tees

While all of the golf accessories mentioned above would go over very well with your favorite clients, you may find it cost-prohibitive to hand out golf balls or golf gloves to prospects or new clients. This is why golf tees make such a great option. Relatively inexpensive yet more memorable than a business card, a packet of golf tees with your business name and address is sure to impress even the most hesitant of clients. Get creative and leave a packet of tees on a client’s desk as a clue that they will be invited for a round of golf soon. However you choose to use the tees, chances are your customers and prospects will love it.

The Bottom Line

Giving your customers, employees, or benefactors a custom golf product as a gift will show them how much you value your relationship with them. Whether you are planning a corporate golf outing, an outdoor company event, or a round of golf with some your top clients, think about giving them one of our custom golf bags, a pair of our promotional golf gloves, or a box of logo golf balls.

While it may not be quite the same as a ticket to a round at the Masters, a Personalized Custom Golf Product from InkHead is still sure to be an ace.

Items appearing in this post are for illustrative purposes only and may not be in stock at the time of your order. Contact us at 800-554-0127 between 9 AM and 8 PM Monday-Friday to confirm availability.

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