Three Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Marketing Mistakes

Three Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The other day, I came across an article on titled the Top Three Sales Promo Mistakes. The article, written by Sydney Barrows, explains that many corporate events and meetings do not hit their attendance numbers due to a number a reasons–such as incomplete address information, bad links on websites and emails, and poorly-written subject lines in email messages.

Always Assume Ignorance

Ms. Barrows considers marketing messages without address information as the biggest marketing mistake you can make when it comes to building buzz for an event. She harps on the importance of assuming ignorance: Act as though customers seeing your message are seeing it for the first time, so be sure to include ALL pertinent details. This includes the address, email addresses, URL to your website, and your phone number. That way, customers with questions can you with any questions they may have.

404 Event Not Found

The next point Barrows makes is that you should ensure all the links in your emails and on your website are working when you are planning to promote an event. This may seem like common sense, but everyone’s email readers work differently, so you never know how your email will appear to them, so make sure you have a link to view the email online or an option for recipients to view the message in plain-text.

The Power of the Subject Line

Barrows third marketing mistake to avoid is nebulous subject lines. How often have you ignored an email based solely on its subject line? This is why you should write compelling and informative subject lines for your blog posts and emails, so customers will want to open your message or read your post.

The Bottom Line

The three things mentioned in this post are not the only things you should avoid when informing customers about upcoming corporate events, but they are perhaps the most important ones. While we here at InkHead Promotional Products cannot make sure the links in your emails work or write your sales copy, we are more than happy to lend you our expert guidance when it comes to finding the perfect product to accompany your corporate event.

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