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A study was published recently in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine regarding children’s perceptions of food packaged in McDonald’s wrappers. In the study, the children were given two samples of identical foods; one was wrapped in the McDonald’s logo, while the other was in a plain white wrapper. To almost no one’s surprise, the foods in the branded wrappers were viewed as better tasting than the plain wrapped foods. And it didn’t just apply to burgers and fries!

The children who participated in the study even preferred carrots, apple juice, and milk when presented in McDonald’s packaging. I think this is a stark example of just how powerful effective branding can be in influencing consumer preferences. McDonald’s has designed their packaging to be bright and kid-friendly, thus giving children a positive association when they see the logo…even when it’s on a pack of carrots!

While this could be a little scary in terms of fast food eating habits, it brings up some important points about branding. Think critically when selecting Custom Promotional Products for your business. After all, that item will have your logo or advertising message on it, and the goal is for customers and prospects to have a positive association with your brand. Consider your target audience and the nature of the promotion. What item would most appeal to that group? Are the colors of the item and your logo eye-catching? Is the giveaway a quality product that will reflect well upon your brand? You don’t need to be a multi-national corporation to employ effective branding tactics!

And if you need help, our Promotions Specialists can help guide you in the right direction.

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