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Do you know which items are the most popular for political campaigns?

Do you have a campaign for office underway or in the works? No matter where you happen to stand in the process, being prepared with a set of stylish promotional buttons is never a bad idea – it certainly worked for Dwight D. Eisenhower, among 43 others. Promotional items – not only campaign buttons – have long been a part of America’s political history, from pens to coffee mugs and even the occasional beer koozies! If you’re looking to hit the campaign trail yourself, be it townwide or even on the national scale, don’t find yourself ill equipped. Consider some of these popular promotional products.

Which promotional items are popular for political campaigns?

Bumper stickers
It’s rare you go a mile on the highway these days without seeing 10 or 12 custom bumper stickers of conflicting politics. Stuck in traffic? You’ve probably got a novel’s worth of text to read on the surrounding sea of car bumper stickers alone! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity – especially if you’ve got plenty of wit or a catchy slogan.

If there’s one thing no one will turn down, it’s a free promotional pen. Especially when that pen is a little nicer than your usual ballpoint offering. Giving your personalized pen a unique look or color can be a great way to make sure that voters remember you!

Tote bags
You’ve probably noticed the plethora of totes that are showing up a grocery stores these days. With the eco-friendly revolution in full swing, why not join in with a green-themed and green-hued promotional personalized tote bag your supporters are sure to proudly carry into their local grocery store.

For generations, T-shirts have been one of the primary forms of promotion for candidates and companies alike. Think how many people boast their favorite soda, TV show, video game developer, presidential candidate, restaurant or – most obviously – clothing designer and store on their custom t-shirts! Print your slogan and logo on the front and back for twice the effect!


Everything you can say about promotional T-shirts can be said for promotional hats too. Whether you’re looking at ski hats for the winter or traditional ball caps, it’s a stylish way to get your supporters rallied behind you and your platform.

Looking for more campaign items? Custom yard signs are a traditional mainstay of political movements as well. And it’s hard to beat the ease and simplistic charm of an old-fashioned pin-back button.

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