Team Spirit Gift Ideas and Employee Spirit Tips That Work

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Build team spirit among your employees with custom gifts

Build team spirit among your employees with custom gifts

Everyone loves receiving a gift. Giving is a gesture, and that matters just as much as the gift itself. To show just how much people – including employees – love gifts, Forbes magazine reported on a recent study by German and Swiss researchers demonstrating that workers were motivated more by physical gifts – even small ones – than they were by cash bonuses of the same value. The indication seems to be that it’s not the money but, actually, the thought that counts.

The Forbes author backed up this sentiment herself, noting that as a writer for the company, she has often appreciated company gifts such as promotional beach towels or a custom water bottle. More recently, she explained, these company logo-printed gifts have dropped off in place of bigger budget tokens of thanks, like a Kindle Fire or gift cards. But, oddly enough, she admitted, these pricey gestures just didn’t motivate her the way the beach towel did. Many employees just value small gifts from employers more.

Why Team Spirit Gift Ideas

It’s hard to pin down exactly what drives this affection that many employees have for the small gifts their employers give them. More often than not, however, it’s a gesture that says “Welcome aboard!” or “We’re glad to have you!” These can be important, especially in a corporate world where it’s easy to feel isolated or underappreciated. Clearly, what benefits a busy industry worker the most is the simplest gesture of thanks.

Want to boost morale around your office? Want to invigorate your employees with the team spirit they need to overcome challenges and succeed? The answer may be in a batch of custom baseball caps or promotional stress balls. Promotional items like this can help a group of workers coalesce into a true office family, in turn boosting workflow and stimulating office culture.

Feeling like part of a team – as well as a larger office culture – can also be empowering. Invest in a batch of personalized T-shirts and you’ll be shocked at the sudden boost in mood and productivity. Best of all, all of that promotional swag floating around outside the office will also improve your brand recognition. It may even net you a few star job candidates down the line!

How to Implement Team Spirit Products

You may want to take a tactical approach with your gifts as well. Blogging4Jobs suggested that the unexpected reward is often twice as great as the one an employee knew was coming. In cases like this, the recognition is what’s particularly powerful.

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