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An InkHead Promotional Products Movie Memory…

Back when Christian Slater was the young actor of the moment, he starred in a film called Pump Up The Volume (1990) that didn’t do well at the box office but grew into a cult film that still holds up well today. Slater plays a high-school loner by day who runs a pirate radio station by night, where his sardonic but angry rants make him an outlaw hero and an inspiration to disaffected teens everywhere who adopt his battle cry “Talk hard!”

We at InkHead want you to talk hard to us, too, and we’ve got several options available for you to do so. If you look to your immediate right you’ll see a pair of orange tabs marked “Live Chat” and “Feedback.” Clicking on the Live Chat tab will bring up a box where you can get in immediate touch with one of our Promotions Specialists anytime during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9AM-8PM Eastern time) and chat in real time about our products and the ordering and imprinting processes. The Feedback tab allows you to send us a message, with handy buttons marked Idea, Question, Problem, and Praise (we love that last one).

We also provide opportunities to let us know what you think of the items in our Knowledge Base. At the end of each of our Buying Guides and FAQs is a box where you can rate the helpfulness of that article and give us feedback that we check regularly in our relentless mission to improve our site.

Still another way to keep in touch is our Facebook page, where we invite you to “like” us and respond to individual posts or click on the “Chat With Us!” tab, which provides another entry to our Live Chat. And then there’s this blog (where personally I would love to have some feedback from people who aren’t trying to sell me Viagra), where you can comment or post a trackback URL at the end of each installment.

And although we pride ourselves on being all techy, we still like the old-school methods of —email and phone—which can be found on our Contact Us page. However you choose to get in touch with us, you can rest assured you’ll be in with some of the most knowledgeable folks in the promotions industry, who are ready and happy to answer any questions and take any comments you may have about the vast resources at InkHead’s disposal.

Talk hard—it’s ridiculously easy.

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