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A friend of mine once gave me some advice on voting: “When you don’t know who to vote for, always vote for the guy who seems crazier. Things may not get better, but he’ll make the news more interesting to watch.”

It’s another election year and campaign season is well under way, with 1/3 of the U.S. Senate, the entire House of Representatives, and countless other public-service positions up for grabs. Here in Georgia we have an exciting race for governor shaping up between a former governor looking to get his old job back and a challenger who just won a nomination runoff by less than one percent. At InkHead our associates’ politics run the whole gamut, from left to right and back again, but we stand united on one issue: a political campaign is a promotion like no other, and we’ve got all the Campaign Promotional Items your campaign needs.

Promotional Political Yard Signs

This is a sample, not an endorsement. We have no idea who Bobby Harrison is, but if you live in his district, we bet you saw a lot of these.

The key to a political campaign, as in any other promotion, is to get the message out there as often and as visibly as possible. We don’t mean to suggest that the issues don’t matter, but before your voice can be heard your campaign needs to get its foot in the door first. Whether you’re backing a candidate, a proposed amendment, a referendum, a bond issue, or the party that supports any of these causes, the first thing to do is make impressions, generate as much name recognition as possible, and make sure that when potential voters think about the issues, your side is one that automatically springs to mind. While we don’t do billboards, InkHead has a wide selection of Printed Yard Signs, Custom Campaign Buttons, and Political Bumper Stickers to customize and get the word out to as many pairs of eyes as possible.

Imprinted Pencils

While wide visibility is always desirable, we also recommend that you look at promotional campaign items with hands-on appeal. Any item a person can carry around and use is an item that continues to make impressions and generates goodwill. Imprinted Pencils and Customized Promotional Pens may seem commonplace, but that’s because they’re time-proven promotional tools. The same is true for Promotional Hand Fans, with their big imprint area and usefulness as the hot campaign season swings into its final phase. But if you want your campaign to make an impact of a different sort, you might go with unexpected campaign items like Custom Yo-Yos and Personalized Slinkys (or is that “slinkies”?) — if it’s a hands-on item, it’s guaranteed to be memorable, along with anything your campaign chooses to print on it.

Most importantly, promotional items offer some of the best rates of return of any advertising medium, which is valuable information when working with grassroots-campaign funds, and InkHead has thousands of promotional items to choose from to fit any budget. Whether your candidate is the crazy one or not, we can help you keep your sanity during the campaign.

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